Jessie Ventilla

Jessica Ventilla

Gospel, Spanish, bluegrass and folk songs in harmony.

'With her sunny disposition, her approachability and her love for song and teaching, Jessie creates a wonderful sound in her choirs and workshops. She is vocally gifted and a very clear and encouraging director - and fun to work with.'
Tony Backhouse


Hawkers Carry On

Carry On

Hawkers sing Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

As the 1960’s progressed closer to the Summer of Love, Woodstock and the rise of the Singer/Songwriter; the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and the Hollies raised the profile of four songwriters that were destined to join forces and bring a new sound to the cultural revolution that emerged from places such as Laurel Canyon on America’s west coast.

Neil Young and Stephen Stills worked with Buffalo Springfield. David Crosby forged a distinctive sense of vocal harmony with the Byrds and Graham Nash quit the Hollies to cross the Atlantic and establish a new home in the U.S. Crosby, Stills and Nash emerged from a music jam at a party of friends and musicians, after a spontaneous session that linked them together for years to come.

Neil Young contributed to their projects at different times over the years, but he remained steadfast with his singular ambitions as a songwriter. Neil Young was a staunch individualist who proved to be a leading songwriter of his generation.

The American West Coast Sound that was popularized by bands like CSN&Y and the Eagles featured superb vocal harmonies in the context of country music as its foundation. ‘Country Rock’ emerged as a distinct genre in popular music thanks to these songwriting musicians searching for a fresh approach.



Requiem For Modern Times

Jeff Witt

A journalist interviewing Paul Kelly some years ago queried him about his subjects for song writing. Kelly replied, asserting that love, sex and death were the only topics really worth writing about. That is what interests us humans the most.

This performance of songs from the pens of notable songwriters is largely concerned with those things that Kelly referred to, love, life and mortality. A requiem is traditionally defined as a mass for the repose of the souls of our dear departed. This performance is not a traditional requiem. This collection of songs from contemporary songwriters refers to mortality in a variety of ways that influence our lives. It includes works from Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Carole King, Don Henley, Eric Clapton, Leonard Cohen, Tim Finn, Paul Kelly, Enya, Pink Floyd and King Crimson.

As far as we know, humans may be the only species on our planet that is acutely aware of our mortality. That gives us a unique perspective on how we live our lives and the things that are most important to us. Indeed, the awareness of our mortality brings a quality to our lives that is in no way morbid, but vital, immediate and uplifting. It brings a focus to all we anticipate that drives a need to comprehend our place in the cosmos, on Earth and within our families.



Requiem For Modern Times

Jeff Witt

A journalist interviewing Paul Kelly some years ago queried him about his subjects for song writing. Kelly replied, asserting that love, sex and death were the only topics really worth writing about. That is what interests us humans the most.

This performance of songs from the pens of notable songwriters is largely concerned with those things that Kelly referred to, love, life and mortality. A requiem is traditionally defined as a mass for the repose of the souls of our dear departed. This performance is not a traditional requiem. This collection of songs from contemporary songwriters refers to mortality in a variety of ways that influence our lives. It includes works from Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Carole King, Don Henley, Eric Clapton, Leonard Cohen, Tim Finn, Paul Kelly, Enya, Pink Floyd and King Crimson.

As far as we know, humans may be the only species on our planet that is acutely aware of our mortality. That gives us a unique perspective on how we live our lives and the things that are most important to us. Indeed, the awareness of our mortality brings a quality to our lives that is in no way morbid, but vital, immediate and uplifting. It brings a focus to all we anticipate that drives a need to comprehend our place in the cosmos, on Earth and within our families.



Amberjoy Poulton

Amber Poulton

After 4 sell out shows at Her Majesty's Theatre with variety performance Country Gold & epic theatre show Coal Miners Daughter, Amber Joy Poulton is now coming to The Singing Gallery in McLaren Vale. She'll perform songs from her own award winning albums Taking Goodbye & Foolish Things plus the songs by the Queens of country that have influenced her over the years like Tammy Wynette, Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton & of course her idol Loretta Lynn. Don't miss this intimate show in a beautiful venue before Amber Joy heads off to Nashville to record her next album"


The Weeping Willows

Brad Butcher & The Weeping Willows

Brad Butcher will take to The Singing Gallery stage on Friday 30th June to launch the first single, ‘Well Dressed Man’ from his most anticipated album to date 'From the Bottom of a Well'.

Described as having the working-class grit of Springsteen and the tender expressions of Ray Lamontagne. With over 20 local and international songwriting and professional development award nominations in the past few years, including being a CMC New Oz Artist of the Year Finalist (2013) and with a host of Australian and International tours, supports and guest spots alongside Troy Cassar-Daley, Mark Seymour, Pete Murray, Busby Marou, Shane Nicholson and Diesel, to name but a few, it should be no surprise that Brad Butcher is capturing the attention of key taste makers all over and honing a singer/songwriter style that is his alone.

The Weeping Willows, Laura Coates and Andrew Wrigglesworth, are a couple of old souls, steeped in Bluegrass tradition and draped in Gothic Americana imagery. They regale their audiences with stories of sunshine and romance, God and The Devil, murder and decay. That kind of description might make them sound like some carefully contrived concept-act but there’s something truly different about The Weeping Willows: they really mean it…



Write and Song

Write and Song - Jeff Witt

For the past few years, Jeffrey has presented several performances highlighting the best of song writing from leaders in the singer/songwriter milieu. With this performance – ‘Write and Song’, he presents an entirely original repertoire of songs, poetry, instrumental compositions and stories.



Jazz It Up

Jeff and Damian Jazz It Up

Jeff Witt and Damian Carey perform ‘Jazz It Up’ at the Singing Gallery on Saturday April 22 @ 7:30 pm. This performance is part of the State Of Jazz Festival through the Festival Centre.

Jeff and Damian are bringing a repertoire of Blues and Jazz standards together with songwriting gold that has been influenced by the traditions that fall under that broad umbrella. Some material is drawn from previous performances at the gallery, but there are many new songs that bring music that is associated with jazz influence. Improvisation with lead guitar, saxophone, flute and fretless bass form a substantial part of this performance.


Jo Jo Smith and Lucie Thorne

Jo Jo Smith with
Lucie Thorne and Hamish Stuart

JO JO SMITH celebrates her 50th year as a performing musician! with very special guests LUCIE THORNE & HAMISH STUART 

JO JO SMITH is one of Australia's greatest musical treasures, a sexagenarian pocket-rocket, soul-singing, groove-driving tour de force and 2017 marks her 50th year in the biz. To celebrate this extraordinary, generous life of music-making, Jo Jo is hitting the road with her dear friends and musical comrades LUCIE THORNE & HAMISH STUART, playing dozens of their favourite intimate venues across the land, including The Singing Gallery on Saturday 13th May. Lucie and Hamish will play the first set, followed by Jo Jo, and they'll end with a grand finale all together! 



Daniel Champagne

Daniel Champagne

Daniel Champagne is good. Very very good. You may already know this but if not it’s time to get on board with this astonishing talent. The Australian born, Nashville based singer/songwriter and one of a kind guitar virtuoso is about to release his first studio album in three years and perform an extensive list of Australian dates on what seems to be beginning to rival Bob Dylan in the never ending world tour stakes.

‘Fault Lines’ will be released worldwide on March 20 through his own label Nightingale Records’. Its unveiling will come on the eve of a North American tour that will play out before Daniel returns to his homeland for what will be his most extensive tour yet – forty shows from April to July taking him to all corners of Australia and surely confirming him as a leading light in acoustic music with a reputation for making festivals buzz, holding crowds in his palm, dropping jaws and breaking guitars wherever he goes.



Neil Murray

Neil Murray

One of the country’s finest song men - Neil Murray- a founding member of the Warumpi Band and the man behind such classic songs as “My Island Home”, “Blackfella Whitefella”, and “Good light in Broome” will perform an intimate solo concert at the Singing Gallery, 133 Main Road, McLaren Vale on Saturday May 6th to launch his new double CD back catalogue collection “ Hindsight”.

With more than three decades performing and recording behind him Neil Murray has delivered a string of remarkable albums that have contributed handsomely to the nations contemporary music heritage. For new converts to his music the problem has always been – which album should I get first? The “Hindsight” release aims to solve this by offering 33 songs and live tracks selected from his previous albums. ( The corresponding digital release will include 4 bonus tracks).



Jazz It Up

Jeff and Damian Jazz It Up

Jeff Witt and Damian Carey perform ‘Jazz It Up’ at the Singing Gallery on Saturday April 22 @ 7:30 pm. This performance is part of the State Of Jazz Festival through the Festival Centre.

Jeff and Damian are bringing a repertoire of Blues and Jazz standards together with songwriting gold that has been influenced by the traditions that fall under that broad umbrella. Some material is drawn from previous performances at the gallery, but there are many new songs that bring music that is associated with jazz influence. Improvisation with lead guitar, saxophone, flute and fretless bass form a substantial part of this performance.


Abbie Cardwell

An Evening with Abbie Cardwell at The Singing Gallery

Abbie Cardwell has been a busy chica of late but luckily for you, Adelaidians, she returns to play one headline solo show at the charming Singing Gallery with a swag of new songs she is about to record!
Abbie delivers her blend of folk, americana, country and even mexicana straight from the heart with the help of her banjo, guitar, uke, harmonica and dynamic voice.

It has been almost a year since Abbie graced the stage inside this cute-to-boot converted old church with her last memorable show and now you have a chance to be privvy to her brand new sounds and all the juicy stories behind them.


10 Pound Pom

Journey in Song of a Ten Pound Pom

Maestro Clayton Sinclair, and his incredible vocal versatility, returns to Fringe to take you on another enthralling, nostalgic and highly entertaining adventure from the East End of London to the land down under – just in time to miss Barry McKenzie going the other way for his culture shock.

Though there be mozzies and flies and no good pork pies, there’s happiness under those great southern skies. We then head to New York City for a bit of a peep at what can go wrong in the city that doesn’t sleep.

Expect to be interrupted along the way by Mario Lanza, Max Bygraves, Peter Allen, Cab Calloway, Jim Nabors, Tiny Tim, Dean Martin, Mel Torme, Herman's Hermits and Jerry Lewis, to name just a few!


Woody's World Fringe

Woody's World




Ménage a Trois

Shakespeare’s Ménage a Trois’ is a riotous affair of three, 20 minute vignettes from Shakespeare’s most famous works.  Four actors, one hour and 20 characters that will make you laugh, cry and look at the Bard’s works with fresh eyes.

The Raw Shakespeare Project are Adelaide’s only dedicated Shakespeare ensemble and are known for their energetic and passionate performances.  In this threesome they will present

  • Beatrice & Benedict: The most excellent affair of Shakespeare’s most dysfunctional lovers from ‘Much Ado About Nothing’.
  • The Tragedy of Lady MacBeth: A powerful, intimate and haunting character study of the universally reviled villainess from ‘MacBeth’
  • Bottom’s Dream: A hilarious re-telling ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ as seen through the eyes of the one-and-only, Nick Bottom.

Specialising in intimate period productions that are representative of how the plays were originally presented 400 years ago, The Raw Shakespeare Project shows appeal to both novice and tragic alike, and the Ménage series is a great night’s entertainment




Hawkers presents Eagles

Demand for the Hawkers to return to The Singing Gallery in McLaren Vale, for another performance brings One Last Kiss, a revised Eagles show with some new songs and new arrangements. Jeff Witt, Michael Coghlan, Damian Carey and Kim Bell are together again for a Fringe of the Fringe in the south on Saturday March 4 at 7:30 pm. The show includes a few songs penned by Jackson Browne who worked closely with the Eagles during their formative years.

Music fans of each successive generation since the 1970’s have grown up with Eagles songs dominating the FM airwaves. They are known best for the rich vocal harmonies that are their signature in performance and on recorded disc.



Angel & Gabrielle Presented by Manadi Lopa

Original fusions of African indigenous folk, roots reggae & Afro Beat producing uniquely reflective & infectiously happy tunes. Beautifully arranged songs, heartfelt & lyrical, telling stories of love, wisdom, peace, harvest & spiritual connections to land. Performed in English & Ghanaian dialects incorporating a selection of Western & traditional instruments. Angel & Gabrielle present a thought provoking & passionate selection of original songs to delight & capture audiences.

Born into a family rich in cultural traditions & with a career spanning over 20yrs as a reggae artist, Manadi Angel Lopa is amongst the most impressive & celebrated singer/songwriters of West African music. A gifted guitarist & songwriter with a vocal variability that has become his trademark. Gabrielle Lopa singer & multi instrumentalist is a seasoned performer of opera, jazz, folk & blues. This versatility & a passion for Ghanaian culture are sensitively demonstrated in her performance.



Bessie * Billie * Dinah
Songs of the Empress, Lady & Queen of Blues


Bonnie Lee Galea sings songs of these three pioneering black female vocalists of the early 20th Century. Supported by Quinton Dunne ~ Double Bass & Richard Coates ~ Keys. Exploring stories, music & song in interpretations of these superb women’s masterpieces like AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’, MAKIN’ WHOOPEE! & IT AIN’T NOBODY’S BUSINESS plus some obscure gems. In Life, Death & Song, short tragic lives full of social taboo, these three inspirational Musical Giants made their mark & blazed the trail for those that followed.

CLOTHESLINE Magazine SA 2016 “Bonnie is to be applauded for reminding us about this largely forgotten singer, Dinah Washington” “The connection between them is that they lived tormented lives, and died tragically at an early age.” “Meanwhile, sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy some of the great songs this show has to offer.”


Singing Gallery Multicultural Show


Dave & Kate's Multicultural Folk Show

Dave Clark& Kate Townsend run The Singing Gallery
Live Music venue in McLaren Vale

Their Multicultural Folk Show is an entertaining,
participatory live music concert with songs, dances, stories& puppets from around the world
including Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, England, Ireland, Tibet, Australia,
Aboriginal ….. YOU’LL LOVE IT !!




Dreamboogie are: Rebecca Davey, (Vocals); Sam Buckley (Guitar); Connor O’Neill (Bass); Robert B Dillon (Drums) Vocalist Rebecca brings elements of her musical idols - the great Blues vocalists of the 1920s to the act, (Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey etc). The act aims to re-interpret the songs of those great performers for today’s audiences, using modern sounds and technology whilst retaining the essential spirit and attitude of the music. Rebecca conveys the underlying truths upon which the Blues are based, using storytelling and the impact of the Blues lyric, “Blues is about the truth” she states. “The joys, and sorrows of life, the challenges and excitements, love and sex - Blues addresses them all”. Since the formation of the group, in early 2010, they have appeared at festivals, toured Australia, performed live to air on radio, and built a solid following in their home town.


Multicultural Show

Dave & Kate's Multicultural Folk Show

Fringe event (at the Stirling Theatre).

Dave Clark& Kate Townsend run The Singing Gallery
Live Music venue in McLaren Vale

Their Multicultural Folk Show is an entertaining,
participatory live music concert with songs, dances, stories& puppets from around the world
including Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, England, Ireland, Tibet, Australia,
Aboriginal ….. YOU’LL LOVE IT !!


Devil's Acre

The Devil's Acre

Years after the Ripper murders, another set of terrible killings take place on the streets of London to once again bring our famous detective duo out from their flat at 221b Baker Street to solve “Who Dun It”. This time the murders are of the kind that Sherlock and Watson have never seen before.

Now The Games Afoot ! So light up your pipe, put on your Deerstalkers Hat and join our dynamic duo in the world Premiere of “The Devils Acre - A Sherlock Holmes / Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Murder Mystery”.

With Musical interludes and original songs this new Sherlock Holmes thriller is bound to entice your creative detective juices and bring you to the only conclusion. That is when you eliminate the impossible whatever remains, however improbable must be the Truth - IT”S ELEMENTARY !


Wined Up Theatre

Wined Up Theatre
Those Were the Days

This is a celebration of the sound track of our lives. The songs we loved and the songs we secretly loved but were too cool to admit. The legends we grew up with and the one hit wonders we danced to at the local disco. "Those were the days". Enjoy a night out with old friends, have a drink, share a giggle, join the conversation and sing your heart out.

With a mix of live music and jukebox backing, Wined Up Theatre will leave you feeling like you have just had the best time ever with a group of your closest friends in a cosy neighbourhood pub and all for a very good reason. We wonder if you can figure it out before the finale.


Child Roses

Child Roses

.Come along to the Singing Gallery, McLaren Vale, on Saturday 17th December 2016 to see local cover band “Child Roses” perform 90s trip-hop, lounge, pop, & rock from bands including Portishead, Garbage, Massive Attack, Dido, Goldfrapp and Radio Head. The 90s was the era that gave rise to the British genre of trip-hop, defined by groups such as Massive Attack and Portishead, who fused chilled-out electronic sounds and scratches with jazzy instrumental riffs and sensual vocals.

This show will largely feature songs by Portishead along with those of the alternative rock band Garbage, who also fused electronic sounds with instrumental riffs and evocative vocals. This musical fusion, common to much alternative music of the 90s, is the theme that will be carried throughout this show and there will also be some pre-90s surprises thrown into the mix.


Saltwater Taffy

Saltwater Taffy
Andy and Marta

An evening of sweet salty melodies and luscious harmonies.

Saltwater Taffy deliver front porch songs in the tradition of Americana, the music that migrated from the British Isles up into the mountains of Appalachia and came back down again, taking you on a melodic ride across the salty seas to the hills and cotton fields, from civil wars to lost loves.

With Andy Armstrong and Marta Bayly.

Drawing from a deep well of influences and experiences, Andy and Marta pour out their songs with an ear for sifting out the true and essential elements. Rich, emotive vocals overlap and intersect with intricate, rhythmic and soulful guitars, fingerpicking the heart.


Wined Up

Wined Up Theatre
Those Were The Days

This is a celebration of the sound track of our lives. The songs we loved and the songs we secretly loved but were too cool to admit. The legends we grew up with and the one hit wonders we danced to at the local disco. "Those were the days". Enjoy a night out with old friends, have a drink, share a giggle, join the conversation and sing your heart out.

With a mix of live music and jukebox backing, Wined Up Theatre will leave you feeling like you have just had the best time ever with a group of your closest friends in a cosy neighbourhood pub and all for a very good reason. We wonder if you can figure it out before the finale.


Spiral Dance

Spiral Dance

Adelaide band Spiral Dance has been playing exciting, high-energy music to audiences throughout Australia and beyond for over two decades. Fusing folklore and legend with a good, heady serve of pagan mystery, the band presents an eclectic blend of traditional folk-rock with powerful self-penned songs and tunes. Rousing melodies intertwine with mythical tales that will spirit you into the realms of magic and the mists of ancient times. This is music that will rock your ancestors!


My Secret Life

My Secret Life

Performance of Leonard Cohen songs by Jeff Witt and Damien Carey.

Leonard Cohen was one of the significant singer/songwriters that inspired my development as a performing and writing musician. During my early years I learned to play guitar as I learned to perform Leonard’s songs. Leonard Cohen was indeed the principal inspiration for my choice to work in music and words.

Everyone has a ‘secret life’. By that I mean a personal, private experience, not something that one is trying to hide or keep a secret from others; it is the intimate side of one’s existence that is not so openly revealed. Leonard has a way of writing songs that reveal his personal experience to a listener, who then travels with him on their own journey.


The Heggarties

The Heggarties and Cherry Pickers

The Heggarties have been playing their own unique brand of American roots music since 2009, building a reputation for amazing live shows that showcase their onstage chemistry, outstanding songwriting and sublime four-part harmonies. In August they recorded their debut album at Adelaide's premier studio, Mixmasters then in September travelled to Nashville, Tennessee along with The Cherry Pickers where they performed as part of the 2016 Americana Festival. In the past couple of years they have played The Wirrina Bluegrass Festival (twice), The Fleurieu Festival, The Semaphore Festival (twice) and The Dorrigo Folk and Bluegrass Festival.

The Cherry Pickers are arguably Adelaide's premier bluegrass band. Their shows are renowned for their warmth, incredible virtuosity and artful interpretation of some of the best Australian indie pop songs as well as traditional bluegrass tunes. Like the Heggarties they have been playing at some of Australia's premier folk and bluegrass festivals as well as showcasing in Nashville.


The Big Night Out

The Big Night Out

Variety concert hosted by Chris Finnen.



IMIJRI Concert and Film Clip Launch

Enjoy an evening out with friends and help Michelle and James Byrne launch their new band name IMIJRI...along with being the first to see their FILM CLIP for the new song 'Hopes and Dreams'.

IMIJRI create ambient music drawing from world and folk influences. The performance features Australian made instruments, including the Cosmic Tone drum and didgeridoo made by James, and Woodskin Cajun along with guitar, mandolin and exquisite vocal harmonies.

James and Michelle performed their original music under the name 'The Wandering Minstrels' from 2008 until the beginning of this year. They are very excited to have been selected by Music SA to work with a team of film makers from Flinders University Media School to create this film clip and look forward to sharing it with you!


Old Tyme Music Hall

Old Tyme Music Hall

Old Tyme Music Hall variety performance.



Tea & Damper Concerts

During August The TROUBADORS Dave Clark, Kate Townsend & Tony Wight will present their heart warming TEA & DAMPER CONCERT on most week-day mornings from 10.30am - 12 noon for Black Wattle Tours. The show includes original & traditional songs, great film footage, wonderful stories, tea, coffee & Dave's gourmet damper.


Tonto Road Singing Company

The Tonto Road Singing Company
Singing is for Everyone Workshop

Experience the joy of singing in a group with Libby Druce and Margie Russell. The Tonto Road Singing Company offers a welcoming environment for people to explore their voices and experience the connection and joy that comes from group singing.



Hawkers Presents Eagles

Don’t miss the Hawkers at The Singing Gallery in McLaren Vale on Saturday, August 13. Jeff Witt and Michael Coghlan present a performance of Eagles songs accompanied by Damian Carey and Kim Bell. The show includes a few songs penned by Jackson Browne who worked closely with the Eagles during their formative years. Eagles started out as a backing band for Linda Ronstadt before striking out on their own as performing songwriters, aiming to develop their own style of country influenced Rock music. The band experienced several personnel changes through their career, but the enduring feature that built their success was the song writing partnership and vocal talents of Glen Frey and Don Henley. Sadly Glen Frey passed away early in 2016, so this show is partly a tribute to his contribution to popular music. Music fans of each successive generation since the 1970’s have grown up with Eagles songs dominating the FM airwaves. They are known best for the rich vocal harmonies that are their signature in performance and on recorded disc. Come along to the Singing Gallery on August the 13th to hear some heartfelt and lively renditions of some of their most popular songs, with some lesser-known gems from their oeuvre. Hawkers, Jeffrey and Michael, with Damian and Kim promise to deliver a musical evening to remember.


Jessie Vintila

Spanish, Bluegrass & Gospel Singing with Jessie Vintila

Expect energising, incredibly fun, and highly addictive four part harmonies, Spanish, bluegrass & acapella gospel. Renowned director and arranger Jessie Vintila's talent and skill lies in her ability to balance the joy of singing, improvising and setting your voice free, with a commitment to musical excellence. Jessie is the creator of Raise the Roof Community Gospel Choirs, a growing, thriving, singing community on Australia's east coast. She shares her passion for uplifting harmony singing at every opportunity, with workshops around Australia, and is the founder and musical director of Sing the Camino, a walking and singing adventure across northern Spain.



Tamarisque with Andrew Clermont & Quentin Eyers

SA folk! Please spread the word near & south Adelaide !! Join a humdinger afternoon at McLaren Vale Singing Gallery 2pm Sunday 24th July (REAL SOON!). A good 20 years I've "danced" music with Janet Gordon & Hugh Gordon as Brigalow & Tamarisque. Joining us will be' with special studio and live muso extraordinaire Quentin Eyers. I toured a large part of a decade with Quentin across the Dya Singh Tours of the world - there are plenty stories to tell, maybe a few to keep :-) Please bring a picnic basket to lounge by, but know there is great coffee & wine on offer from Dave Clarke in the House! Essential to book a table early - only $30 to travel the world in an afternoon! The music will definitely soar and stretch across many borders - come "sail" with us!




Abbie Cardwell

Abbie was born to be on the road.
A young Australian girl raised in Singapore and England, gypsy blood would carry her back across the far corners of her native country, before countless musical odysseys through the wild deserts of Mexico and back.
Daughter to Roger, a revered ‘60s country music icon, granddaughter of ‘Gypsy,’ a cherished local songstress, Cardwell is a master acoustic roots and alt-country performer: Australia’s ‘Belle of Roots-Americana-Twang.’
Marrying resplendent vocals with guitar, banjo, ukulele and harp, Cardwell is joined on occasion by a backing band – in Australia, the ‘Texicans’, in Mexico city, the ‘Twin Tones’ – adding hints of Spaghetti Western and vintage Mariachi rock to an otherwise sultry solo repertoire.

Touring Australia in an old van named ‘Lady Luck,’ Abbie’s stage show carries us to another place in another time: one of wanderlust, longing, dusking horizons on a lone desert highway across 1950s southwest America, the Tijuana state line and beyond.
Dedication to her craft and an unyielding approach to live touring makes her one of the most captivating performers in the Southern Hemisphere: a rare talent that deserves to be heard, home and abroad.



Woody's World - The Good Morning Kids Show

Woody's World has been delighting audiences at festivals and events around the nation

"...very entertaining" Port Fairy Folk Festival
"We loved it!" - Knox Community Arts Centre
"Audiences were captivated and inspired..."- Melbourne Recital Centre
‘The Good Morning Kids Show’, a sell out at The Melbourne Recital Centre, is a magical place where alley cats sing and dance, mice invite you in for a cup of tea and farm animals gather together for a bush dance. Woody performs with his own children and puppeteer David Splatt.

Woody’s World celebrates life, with original songs written by Woody and his kids, enchanting stories and fabulous puppets. The Show is highly interactive and fun for the whole family, with antics that keep kids and parents totally enthralled. Laughing, dancing, singing and snake handling guaranteed!

Woody's World Video on Youtube



Uke Weekend

Friday 17th at Singing Gallery
6 pm - Doors Open
(Admission $10)
6.15 – 6.45 pm - All-In ‘Sing & Play’ ( bring your ukes )
7pm – 10pm - COMMUNITY CABARET MC.  Rob
(9 small groups/individuals each do 2 songs /  raffle uke + purchase food & drinks at the bar)

Saturday 18th at Singing Gallery
9.30am - Doors Open
10am – 11am - Workshop 1 ($8)
11.30 - 12.30pm - Workshop 2 ($8)
1 pm – 3pm – LUNCH TIME CONCERT MC. Shelley (Admission $10)
( 9 small groups/individuals each do 2 songs + ‘cuppa’ interval )
3pm – 4pm – Open Mic
6 pm – Doors Open (Admission $10)
6.15 -6.45 pm – All-In ‘Sing & Play’ ( bring your ukes )
small groups each do 2 songs, then  'Dukes of Hazard’
(raffle uke + purchase food & drinks at the bar)


Aine Tyrrell

Aine Tyrrell

“I didn't know where else to go, I needed to feel my pulse again,” In early 2015 Irish born singer songwriter Áine Tyrrell took the pieces
of her life and songs into the desert on a quest for musical and spiritual self discovery. Recording outdoors beneath the stars and in abandoned
mines amongst the red dust of the Australian outback, the fragments took form, resulting in the release of her astounding debut album Queen of Swords.
Áine's music cradles the spirit of her native homeland, and tips the cap to a notable family history of Irish music tradition. Ache, honesty, and
elated melodies, garnishing rhythms which a thousand years of ancestry have slammed foot to floor boards to, in both celebration and protest. Áine's music has grown from those traditional Irish roots into a truly global contemporary sound. Transcending convention, her music is tribal and wild, but also fragile and heartbreaking, always
immaculately crafted in word and note.
From winning Queenscliff Music festival’s ‘Emerging Talent 2014’ award, through the mentorship from our own Clare Bowditch and
Shane Howard, and in the success of her own extensive tour in support of Queen of Swords Áine's audience has grown, captivated by this
unique talent who has infiltrated hearts and minds with her voice, stories and ability to motivate even the most reluctant of audiences into raucous sing-alongs.
2016 is set to be a stellar year for Áine Tyrrell. In addition to her own growing schedule, Áine will join Paul Kelly, Shane Howard, Pauline Scanlon, Declan O'Rourke, John Spillane and her father Seán Tyrrell.


Alex has worked on and off stage for some years..the last decade in theatre.. returning now to the realm of indie folk tunes with a dash of mystique.. accompanied by "the fatherhood" for a very original evening.


McLaren Vale based folk-rockers The Fatherhood will open the show playing a selection of their original songs and tunes about life, love and landscapes. Their songs take you to places around South Australia and other parts of the world through words and sound. The band is fresh from the studio having recorded their yet-to-be-released debut album, but have still managed a few local gigs in recent months including notable appearances at the Groove Garden and at Fleurieu Folk Festival. Frontman Richard Brown (vocals, guitar, fiddle), Mark Hallam (vocals, bass and accordion) and Sue Oldknow (drums, vocals) will feature in the night's line-up.

Jeff Witt
"Troubadour - Rise of the Singer Songwriter"

A troubadour is defined historically, as one of a class of lyric poets and poet-musicians, often of knightly rank who flourished from the 11th to the end of the 13th century chiefly in the south of France and the north of Italy and whose major theme was courtly love. In modern times, a troubadour is thought of colloquially, as simply a singer, especially of folk songs.

During the 1960’s and 1970’s, Doug Weston managed the ‘Troubadour’, a West Hollywood nightclub that gave exposure to new singer, songwriters who needed a prominent venue to perform their original material. Many of the iconic songwriters that we know today, CSN&Y, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Joni Mitchell and the Eagles, started their careers at that club. Most notable were Carole King and James Taylor, two emerging performers that supported each other with their music, both live and in the studio.
The rise of the singer, songwriter came at a time when bands producing pop and rock music had reached their zenith. The world was ready for a new genre of popular song presentation. The singer, songwriter provided the public with that mode. This changed the tradition of writers providing material for the performers.

Jeff Witt presents a performance of songs, at the Singing Gallery, from songwriters who rose to prominence by performing their own material and in particular, James Taylor and Carole King.
Come along to enjoy Jeff’s arrangements of some classic songs from this era, with keyboard and acoustic guitar. Once again, this musicologist has intriguing stories to tell about the fine melodies from these songwriters. He will be supported at this date, with keyboard performance by special guest, Kim Bell.

The Weeping Willows

Andrew Wrigglesworth and Laura Coates, are a couple of old souls, steeped in bluegrass tradition and draped in gothic Americana imagery. To Andrew, the acoustic guitar is the object that hangs permanently from his shoulders. Laura, for her part, stays as busy as a post-war housewife; complementing her partner’s skill with a voice that ranges from sugar-sweet to evangelically piercing, whilst occasionally adding a little accordion or autoharp on the side. They regale their audience with stories of sunshine and romance, God and The Devil, murder and decay. Real music.

With their sophomore album due this year, it’s likely we’ll see a fair bit more of The Weeping Willows. But it seems as though they’d hardly care if we didn’t. Andrew and Laura would be doing this anyway – writing, singing, harmonising. And meaning every word of it. Lucky for us, they’ve chosen to share. Now we need to listen.

The Weeping Willows return to The Singing Gallery with local Alt-Country darlings, Andy and Marta.


Poetry & Music Open Mic - with guest musicians 'Mixed Brew' (Barry Timmins, Anne Timmins and Phil) and 14 open mic spots.

Siobhan Owen

Welsh born Siobhan isa Celticsinger / harpist with a unique vocal style - blending her ethereal soprano voice with heart wrenching Celtic lilts. Performing at festivals and concerts around Australia from an early age, Siobhanis rapidly gaining recognition on the international stage.She spent 2015 based in the UK whiletouring Europe, Japan and Siberia. Siobhan returns to Europe in June forfurther concerts, festivals and shows – including festivals in Italy and France, a solo European concert tour, Celtic rock opera “Tristan &Yseult” in Siberia,and a German arena tour of Celtic-rock opera “Excalibur”.

Siobhan’s latest album “Entwined” is to be released at the end of April. However, she is rewarding her Australian by selling “Entwined” at her performances before release date. This long awaited follow-up to her award winning “Storybook Journey” includes 8 original and 7 traditional songs – including songs in the Welsh, Irish, Scottish and Breton languages.

“Heart-wrenching traditional Celtic ballads entwined with original contemporary Celtic songs… all woven together by Siobhán’s exquisite, emotive voice.”

Be prepared to be enchanted by Siobhan’s stunning voice and gentle harp playing.


London-born Australian, Danny Spooner, is an internationally respected folksinger. Danny sings the old songs of Britain and Australia, celebrating both toil and fun. He has appeared at most festivals and folksong clubs in Australia and New Zealand. For twenty years he has performed in Great Britain, Canada and the USA with his songs, stories and illustrated theme concerts. He also toured Australia and Slovenia with the Australian Chamber Orchestra.
He loves getting people to sing …so come along and join in!


Canada’s Gordie Tentrees is not your average twang-laden folk balladeer. The former boxing champion (three-time Golden Glove winner) and youth worker found music after his sporting career and now finds himself surfing hotel rooms, couches, planes and buses to bring his engaging stories to audiences around the globe including a stop in Australia for thirty shows this March and April.
His sixth album “Less is More” brings together his knack for melody with his amazing ability to hold an audience in the palm of his hands (both during and between songs!) and is a deeply personal, moving, melodic and sometimes humorous look at life through the eyes of a unique and infectious personality.
New album keepers include "Somebody's Child", written after watching the bombs go off at the Boston Marathon, all while wondering if his wife had crossed the finish line, and "Tired of Time", the heartbreaking story of a man who dies of brain cancer years before his prime, while watching his family grow. Themes of despair turn to courage in "Wheel Girl", an ode to northern hero Jessica Frotten who went from accident victim to wheelchair athlete. Tentrees’ attraction with the downtrodden human continues in "Broken Hero", a collection of vivid shots of everyday heroes, and the story-driven hit "Love in Ink", co-written with childhood friend Oliver Greer. Love rings true in 'Keno City" and "Wrong Town" and album highlight "Dead Beat Dad" may be the first recorded confession of a struggling father urging on his male mates to make a difference.

Joining Tentrees for his Australian tour is legendary Canadian musician Jaxon Haldane on banjo, mandolin, fiddle-saw and cigar box guitars. Haldane is known for leading his mutant-bluegrass band (D-Rangers) on the festival circuit for the last 10 years, as well as producing and appearing on some of the most prolific records to come out of North America. He will be performing a short solo set, then performing with Gordie in a duo format.

"2011 3PBS-FM Blues Performer of the Year"

Dreamboogie are: Rebecca Davey, (Vocals); Sam Buckley (Guitar); Connor O’Neill (Bass); Robert B Dillon (Drums). Vocalist Rebecca brings elements of her musical idols - the great Blues vocalists of the 1920s to the act, (Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey etc). The act aims to re-interpret the songs of those great performers for today’s audiences, using modern sounds and technology whilst retaining the essential spirit and attitude of the music.
Rebecca conveys the underlying truths upon which the Blues are based, using storytelling and the impact of the Blues lyric, “Blues is about the truth” she states. “The joys, and sorrows of life, the challenges and excitements, love and sex - Blues addresses them all”.

Since the formation of the group, in early 2010, they have appeared at festivals, toured Australia, performed live to air on radio, and built a solid following in their home town.
In mid 2011, they released their debut album - I’m Ready. The album has achieved: Number #1 on the Australian Blues/Roots radio playlist chart;- a radio edit of My Baby Caught The Train - reached Number #2 on the AirIt radio airplay chart. Early 2012, an EP of their Memphis set, Who’s Been Talking was released.

Festivals at which they have appeared include: - Australian Blues Festival (Goulburn), Winter Blues Festival (Echuca), Broadbeach Blues Festival, Brunswick Music Festival, Queenscliffe Music Festival, Mordialloc Food & Wine Festival, Yackandandah Folk Festival, Uranquinty Folk Festival, RAW Festival, Gympie Muster, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Sydney Blues & Roots Festival, WestOz Blues Festival etc.

Jonathan Prag
Classical Guitar Concert

Internationally acclaimed classical guitarist Jonathan Prag has appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe over 20 times winning superlative accolades…

Jonathan's trademark is the wide range of music he plays in his programmes, taking audiences on a beguiling journey from Baroque to the Blues via Russia, South America and Europe playing tunes by composers from the past and the present. His friendly rapport with his audiences is another popular feature of Jonathan's shows that keeps people coming back year after year to hear him.
Now, Jonathan returns to the Adelaide Fringe with more beautiful guitar music. Last here in 2014, Jonathan wowed Adelaide audiences with his dynamic musicality and vibrant, expressive playing. Jonathan has had a busy year in 2015 touring to venues in the UK and performing at the Edinburgh Fringe, where he appeared on Scottish Television’s daily round-up.
Jonathan will be playing a programme that includes some of the gems of the classical guitar repertoire like the ‘Prelude, Fugue and Allegro’ by Bach, and the stunning ‘Catedral’ by Barrios. He is also playing one of the masterpieces of the contemporary era, Koshkin’s dramatic ‘Usher Waltz’. There will be all the toe-tapping excitement of Latin rhythms from Argentina and also music from Japan, Ireland and Greece - a veritable musical feast.

Mark Ryan
"Beautful Bogan"

Marc Ryan aka The Beautiful Bogan, is one of Adelaide’s favorite up and coming stars of comedy. Marc has been performing stand up comedy for three years and in this time has achieved outstanding success. His achievements include winning the South Australian State Final of Triple J’s Raw Comedy Competition in 2014 which placed him as a National Finalist in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Marc has also performed alongside some of Australia’s great comedians including Adam Hills, Frank Woodley, Fiona O’loughlin, Akmal Saleh and Heath Franklin. He appears regularly at Adelaide’s Rhino Room, the Marion Hotel, Eddie Bannon’s Laugh Inn and the Tea Tree Gully Hotel. He’s even performed at the Adelaide Remand Centre! While Marc might look like your typical beer swilling, mullet wearing bogan, it’s his combination of wit and his ability to show beauty in the world that earns him his title of The Beautiful Bogan.

Marc Ryan is a bogan. He has never denied that. However, he does take exception to being stereotyped as an average bogan. His aim in life is to be the most beautiful bogan he can be.


Loren Kate

Kelly Menhennett
Christopher Coleman

An intimate concert of songs and storytelling by
award-winning singer/songwriters Loren Kate, Christopher Coleman and Kelly Menhennett.

Songs will be performed "In The Round", which simply means that all writers will sit on the stage taking turns telling stories and playing songs.


Georgia Darcy
She’ll be Right Mate...
I Sing Piaf

Presented by Georgia Darcy and Louise Lawson, pianist Logan Watt.

G’day & Bonjour!
Bush ballads, budgie smugglers and baguettes bring song and comedy together in this hilarious cross-cultural Cabaret. Last year, these two Aussies took their sassy Cabaret show to France. Georgia sings like legendary French songstress, Edith Piaf, so it should’ve been a piece of cake right? Confident the French would love them, this couple headed off to France with their swags packed full of glitter and eyelashes, to perform in the greatest Festival of Theatre in the world.

Come on tour with these whacky women to experience the contrast of cultures, musical mash-ups, funny faux-pas and ….the embarrassing French maid incident. Blending Aussie bush ballads, well-known French songs and original music into a culturally comedic melange, this show has it all.

It’s time to tie your kangaroo down sport and slap some camembert on your damper. Grow a moustache (or draw one on), tilt your beret and rendezvous with us!

Deborah Brennan
The Joni Mitchell Show

“If you can paint with a brush, you can paint with words.”
Joni Mitchell is one of the most inspiring singer songwriters of her generation. With songs such as Big Yellow Taxi, Both Sides Now and A Case of You, Joni’s raw, honest and emotive lyrics truly reach right to the heart of the listener. 'A Case Of You: The Music of Joni Mitchell' is a fresh and contemporary interpretation of the songs that made Joni an icon of the 70s, aiming to introduce her music to a new generation of listeners whilst still retaining the essence of Joni’s distinct sound.

Carefully crafted by singer/pianist Deborah Brennan, this show is borne out of her passion for the songs that have influenced her, and so many others, along this road we call life. Deborah is backed by a three-piece band of local Adelaide talent, including Liam Garcia-Hardman, Max Ziliotto, and Louis Cann.

Spend an evening in one of Adelaide’s most intimate acoustic settings journeying through Joni’s catalogue of hits and see why she is considered one of the best songwriters of all time.

Gwyn Ashton
Chris Finnen

Gwyn Ashton’s full-on, hardcore contemporary blues show is powerful and dynamic and interlaced with semi-acoustic lap slide and 12-string pieces where he blends in ethnic dance rhythms, beats and grooves. Giving100% relentless energy and drive at each show,
He is a unique force to be reckoned with, so be prepared for Gwyn Ashton to rock the house - all by himself.
An inductee in the ‘South Australian Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’, ex Swanee, Stevie Wright, Jim Keays axeman Ashton grew up playing the Australian circuit. He
now records, tours and plays festivals and venues all over the world from his Euro base. He has had two albums simultaneously on the Amazon ‘Top 100
Albums’ chart and has many ‘Album of the Year’ and ‘Album of the Month’ credits to his name from seven released albums. One of his endosements includes his own signature guitar that he designed for Italian company Liutart.
Ashton has toured with BB King, Ray Charles, Buddy Guy, Mick Taylor, Rory Gallagher, Peter Green, Junior Wells, Johnny Winter, Canned Heat, Robin Trower,
Je Healey, The Yardbirds, Status Quo, Magnum and many others. He has recorded with Kim Wilson, Robbie Blunt, Chris Glen/Ted McKenna (SAHB, MSG), Don Airey (Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne) and Gerry McAvoy & Brendan O'Neill (Rory Gallagher). Ashton replaced Thin Lizzy / Motörhead guitarist Brian Robertson.

Over four decades travelling as a troubadour journey man has seen Chris Finnen often referred to as the ‘guitarist’s guitarist’. Chris brings a wry twist to his original blues song writing, adding sly humour to lyrics, focusing on the musing of everyday experiences, and embracing a strong sense of community. His restless musical curiosity has seen him embrace a tapestry of varied cultural influences, weaving the sounds of India, Celtic traditions, and African nation’s into his music. This has resulted in a career rich in variety and encompassing diverse opportunities from film scores, theatrical productions and musical therapy.
Chris has shared the stage with some of the world’s best including Buddy Guy, Bo Didley, Jimmy Witherspoon, Roy Buchanan, Eric Burdon, Keb Mo, Bob Brozman, Johnny Copeland, The Homes Brothers, John Mayall, and Mavis Staples. He has worked in Australia with Matt Taylor, Phil Manning, Dutch Tilders, Margaret Roadnight, Jeff Lang, Kevin Borich and Colin Offord. The list goes on…
Chris has been inducted into the South Australian Music Hall of Fame in 1995, the New York Blues Hall of Fame in 2013 and the Adelaide Music Collective Hall of Fame in 2014. In 2014 he also became patron of the South Australian Blues and Roots Association, won the 2014 Derringers Music Blues Awards Outstanding Instrumentalist and also performed with long-time friend Phil Manning at the Adelaide International Guitar Festival.

All Soul’d Out

All Soul’d Out are 10 Musos who bonded over a mutual love of soul and funk.
The brainchild of Chris Isaacson, All Soul'D Out has evolved gradually to the 10 piece form you'll see today. The band comprises of a 4-piece rhythm section, 5 funky horns and 1 soulful voice!
All band members are South Australian, hailing a variety of areas including Seacliff and the Barossa Valley. The Members include: Chris Isaacson, Megan Isaacson, Daniel Smedley, Andrew Granfield, David Shigrov, Lizzie Gregory, Gerald Pederick, Mark Dean, Matthew Buckoke, Chris Yeend.
All Soul’d Out has passion for SOUL music, though other styles including Jazz, Blues, Rock and still make us groove. Originals are in the making , but for now we love taking well known tunes and pumping them full of soul. We play regularly at wineries around the Barossa Valley and at a variety of corporate functions.

Ticketsavailable through FringeTIX or on the night at the door
Table bookings at The Singing Gallery are necessary prior to arrival.

Jeff Wit
Damian Carey

A Midsummer Night’s Dreaming

Jeffrey Witt and Damian Carey return to the Singing Gallery on January 30th to present a new show of classic, progressive rock songs from the late 1960’s and ‘70’s and beyond. The repertoire consists of material composed predominantly by Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Pete Sinfield, Greg Lake, Supertramp, and Jethro Tull. To assist with the arrangement of some songs, guest guitarist/vocalist Michael Coghlan appears with Jeffrey and Damian at this event.

Progressive Rock is a genre that loosely fits any Rock music that is influenced in its writing by classical or jazz music. This may be in the content of the songs or it may refer to the training of the musicians who wrote and performed such music. Prog rock bands were not part of an organised movement as such, but were groups of independent thinking musicians who aspired to performing popular music that pushed the boundaries beyond the usual three or four chord, twelve bar format, three and a half minute pop songs.

How does a duet arrange Prog Rock songs composed for larger ensembles that exploited the advancing sound technology of the times? Come along at 7:00 pm on Saturday the 30th to find out. The performers promise an entertaining evening of music with a few surprises to reveal the fine song writing of these classic bands pared back to basics

The Woolcocks
Picture Show
- Emma and Dylan -

The Woolcocks – original instrumentals and songs drawing deeply from the well of traditional music.
Emma – on violin and vocals – is the fiddle player for Eric Bogle, The Fiddle Chicks and Akoustic Odyssey. She also dabbles in session work and baroque performance.
Dylan – on guitar, mandolin and similar stringy things – plays with Golonka, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, and has worked in circus, film and theatre.
Together, their sound could be described as folk, inflected with the flavours of jazz, classical and world music.
Emma and Dylan also do The Woolcocks’ Picture Show , featuring Emma’s wonderful photography to a live soundtrack.

Kym Pitman
- in Concert -

Kym Pitman is soulful poet and songwriter with a haunting voice. Originally from SA, with a youth spent exploring the Fleurieu Peninsular, Kym’s songs are deeply entwined with the spirit of country. She evokes a sense of ecological connection masterfully pertinent to our times. Now residing in NSW, she has enchanted festival audiences across Australia and beyond. Her songs have received awards from The Australasian Song writing Association, North Coast Industry Awards, and from the Eco-Arts Awards (USA). Kym blends a unique contemporary folk/roots sound with the intimacy of landscape, spirit and story. Her songs and music will reach right into the core of you.

‘Kym’s music is a wake-up call… giving the unsung amongst us a voice, too, and a feeling of belonging to a greater cause - something that is much needed in our ‘worlds’ right now.’ (Australian Stage)

‘…may more and more artists generate as much insightful compassion toward our home as Kym Pitman.’ (Eco- Arts Awards USA)

'…her odes to life, the world around us and our place within it are obviously penned from a place deep within. The clarity of the vocal and its delicate approach serve perfectly to carry the vast landscapes painted by the lyrics. (Matt Lawrence, Capital News)

Beth Patterson

Introducing, Beth Patterson, from New Orleans, a dynamic, multi instrumentalist who plays the bouzouki. Her music style can be described SWAP .. Songwriter/ World/Acoustic/Progressive.

Combining traditional Irish, Celtic and folk ballads with Cajun, world-beat and progressive rock influences, her own creative songwriting and a unique sense of humor, Patterson's wit, charm, and beauty are as memorable as her powerful music.
Born in Lafayette, Louisiana, New Orleans-based Beth Patterson gathers musical influences like she’s cooking up a simmering pot of particularly spicy gumbo to share with her audiences. Her travels to Ireland and her ethnomusicology studies at University College Cork, sharpened her palette for music from all over, and listeners can now feast on the sonic flavors of Celtic, West African, Indian, Balkan, and Indonesian music, with a dash of her youthful progressive rock leanings here and there.
Beth began her musical career as a classical oboist and Cajun bass player in her early teens, but the Irish bouzoukis, eight- and ten-stringed adaptations of the traditional Greek instrument, are her true weapons of choice. Audiences practically have to duck from sparks when the strumming gets fierce, and barrooms have been known to fall silent as listeners squint for the extra hands you’ll swear she uses to conjure her dynamic melodies. Like all spells, her enchantments take many forms. Along with the mythic, elemental imagery that courses through her own songwriting, Patterson might sing a haunting traditional ballad, or rope you in with a raunchy number, adding her own jokes with a sense of humor that makes even New Orleans bartenders blush. She’s worked this magic in over a dozen countries to date, ultimately dubbing her eclectic style SWAP (Songwriter World Acoustic Progressive).

Jan Preston

Known as Australia’s Queen of Boogie Piano, Jan Preston has a reputation as an astonishing piano player with a rich resonant voice who is a magnetic live performer. She captivates, moves and uplifts audiences around the world with her original songs, compositions and her mastery of boogie woogie.
ABC Music’s Winner of 5 Music Awards for her CDs and soundtracks, she plays festivals and concerts throughout Australia, NZ and Europe, tours her own shows (see productions), writes music for film and TV, and composes and performs for Silent Movies.
After studying classical piano, then working in theatre and rock bands in her native NZ, Jan had a No1 Hit with her band Coup D’Etat, and soon after moved to Sydney where she is still resident.
Her original piano composition was used as the Theme to ABC’s Australian Story for 6 years, and she has appeared on ABC TV’s Spicks and Specks. Janis currently touring and writing music and songs for her next CD release.

‘One of the best pianists of our time, Preston masters the piano like a maestro juggling the keys. Her voice is suave and sensual, with finesse and sensibility’ Crossroads France

Out Of The Blues ~ Into The Mystic

Jeff Witt returns to the Singing Gallery in McLaren Vale with a new presentation of contemporary songwriting. This time, an adept fretless-bass guitar player, Damian Carey, accompanies him onstage.

This show is a performance of songs written largely by Van Morrison, with some traditional blues songs and a few penned by Paul Brady, another Irish born songwriter. Van Morrison has long been recognized as one of the world’s leading songwriters and performers, with an impressive discography and distinctive vocal style. Morrison has always been fiercely independent with his choice of musical genres and lyrical expression.
He began his songwriting career reluctantly as a means to produce repertoire for his first successful band in the nineteen sixties, ‘Them’. When ‘Them’ disbanded he pursued songwriting more earnestly to deliver his own product. His musical upbringing was different to many of his Irish peers, because his father being a dockworker in Belfast would bring home recordings of American blues, jazz, and soul musicians that he acquired from visiting ships. Van grew up listening to this rich heritage of American popular music.

Jeffrey and Damian have assembled a repertoire of Van Morrison’s songs that cover much of his early career for which he became renowned. Van wished to present music that was popular, because he was ambitious to succeed as a professional musician; it is also true that he was a private person, a deep thinker and a ‘spiritual’ minded artist. His expressions in song were as much a reflection of his place in the world and the universe, as they were also a bid for professional survival in the music industry.
Paul Brady had a much more traditional musical education for an Irish songwriter. His early career with ‘Planxty’ was a reflection of that. Beyond his days with ‘Planxty’, he forged a career in popular songwriting that earned him the respect of many recording artists around the globe.

David Rogers

David is a highly regarded singer, songwriter and guitarist. A regular on the Adelaide and South coast music scene, David sings at The Hillbilly Hoot, and his appearance at this year’s Melrose Music Muster received well-earned praise.
His set of covers and original music has been influenced by almost everyone - from Cat Stevens to Steve Winwood.

Marcus Walsh

Marcus Walsh is a Scotsman who has played music in Scotland, Europe and Cambodia - and in Bosnia Herzegovina for UN troops. Marcus has a wide spectrum of influences in music stretching from folk, rock, Americana to blues and world music - his style has been described “from Johnny Rotten to Johnny Cash".

The Weaving

The Weaving features multi-instrumentalists and vocalists Ally Cunningham and Justin Bell. Exploring a diverse range of musical styles, the duo perform original music and creatively interpret songs from a wide variety of artists, weaving together a rich tapestry of sound. Let Ally and Justin take you on a journey.


Suzannah Espie
The Yearlings


Suzannah Espie's critically acclaimed album Mother's Not Feeling Herself Today will be realized in the beautifully intimate surrounds of the Singing Gallery, McLaren Valley SA. Espie and her band will perform the album that has been causing quite a stir since it's release, breaking apart the idea of life lived for appearances.

With very special guest The Yearlings. "Thoughtful elegance and pathos comparable to some of the best of John Prine" Michael Sly.

Daniel Townsend

Daniel J. Townsend was born on a tiny island on the edge of the world, veins coursing with a cocktail of English convict and Aboriginal blood. Poet, folk musician and dilettante historian, he has been singing stories ever since.
“I call myself a story singer,” says the sixth generation Van Diemonian. “My songs only really make sense in conversation. A lot of people don’t really get what I do because they’re waiting for a repetitive chorus, when in reality I’m probably just partway through singing them a story.”

Townsend’s latest project is deeply rooted in the Tasmanian experience, with the new single ‘Musselroe Bay’ telling a fiery true tale of Aboriginal resistance.
“The history of this island is a kind of metaphor for modern life,” he muses. “We love to stick pictures of the Tassie Tiger on beer bottles and wheelie bins, but if that animal was to walk back into our world tomorrow we’d cage it all over again and argue over who should pay for its upkeep. Those things ate sheep, you know. An extinct Tiger is much better for the economy.”


Poetry and Music Open Mic
With guest poet: Maria Vouis
Bring your songs and poems and instruments
BYO supper / snacks

Loren Kate
Kelly Menhennett

Award winning singer-songwriters, Kelly Menhennett and Loren Kate will be gracing The Singing Gallery stage on August 29th. Both Kelly and Loren are winners of the Telstra Road to Discovery, Australia's most authentic grassroots songwriting award.

This will be Loren's last show before heading to perform at the Americana Festival In Nashville!

“Her guitar playing was tasteful and sensitive, and was played with a subtlety that unselfishly carried each song, allowing the lyrics to be clearly identified and appreciated. It was pleasing to hear such a fine, controlled voice, void of too much vibrato yet pitch perfect. Every song was preceded by a wonderful tale, perhaps too often sad, but still keeping the audience captivated.”
-RIU Street Press, Adelaide.

Kelly Menhennett has independently released 2 full length albums and performed at iconic national and international festivals both solo and with her band.
In late 2010, Kelly released her debut album “World Of Mine”, receiving great response by fans and media and named one of the top 10 albums for 2011 by Rhythms magazine’s Sue Barrett.
Last year she released her 2nd album, "Small Dreams", an album recorded live over 3 days in Mr Lemons Studio in Nashville with producer Neilson Hubbard and an all-star band including the likes of Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket) and Kim Richey

The Innocent Age
Songs by Dan Fogelberg,
Jackson Browne &
West Coast songwriters

Performed by
Jeffrey Witt

with acoustic guitars and keyboard

The huge success of Dan Fogelberg's seventh album, ''The Innocent Age'' (Epic/ Full Moon KE 2 37393) runs against every trend of today's music business. Released at a time when the commercial chances of double-record albums are considered dubious, this lavish two-disk set, with its illustrated lyric booklet, is a big hit that has remained on the top 10 of the national album charts since its release nearly three months ago.
''The Innocent Age'' also fits squarely within the unfashionable singer/songwriter genre that flourished from the late 60's through the mid-70's and produced Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Carole King, Paul Simon, Randy Newman, Jackson Browne, and dozens of other soloists who tried to make serious popular art out of post-folk pop styles. With the exception of Jackson Browne, who became a rock star, none is as popular today as six years ago.
Perhaps because Dan Fogelberg sums up the genre - his time has arrived later than most. ''The Innocent Age,'' a 16-part ''song cycle'' lamenting the passage of childhood innocence, is by far his most ambitious work. Musically, it shows Mr. Fogelberg, who is a gifted multi-instrumentalist (both guitars and keyboards) and studio artisan, at the peak of his craft.
Mr. Fogelberg has a knack for writing catchy, romantic folk-rock tunes that combine a folksy simplicity with a plaintive sweetness; the misty sentimentality of lyrics that are personal without being specifically confessional.

Neil Murray
One of the country’s finest and enduring song men - Neil Murray- a founding member of the Warumpi Band and the man behind such classics as “My Island Home”, “Blackfella Whitefella”, and “Good light in Broome”, will perform an intimate solo concert at the Singing Gallery in support of his latest album “Bring Thunder and Rain” which is garnering critical acclaim.
Current single “Whispering Casuarina” – an evocative ode to a lifetime journey- references Adelaide and places in South Australia.
Neil Murray has had a career for more than three decades and the eleven tracks on “Bring Thunder & Rain” deliver the quality we’d expect from a singer songwriter with that experience.
Recently Missy Higgins covered two of his songs “ Black Fella Whitefella” and “Calm and Crystal Clear” on her latest album.

Tidal Moon

Acoustic ripples upon a sea of imagination

Classical/Celtic meet Folk/Country. Barbara Jeffrey and José Garcia combine a hybrid Celtic/Paraguayan harp and soaring soprano vocals, with the timbre of José's voice and guitar. Occasionally a flute, charango or bodhran get thrown into the mix, so the story can unfold from the sounds of calming seas to the heavy rumble of giants tossing basalt cabers. Beautiful traditional, original and contemporary music

Julia Henning Band

Popping up out of nowhere, there is nothing holding back the Adelaide local who has already reached milestones many young acts could only dream of. To date, Julia Henning has completed two national tours, with a third just announced. She has won ‘Best Song’ and ‘Best Artist/Band’ in the 2014 SA Fowler's Live Music Awards, played the Sydney Opera House while a film crew captured the whole experience, which is now entitled ‘Julia Henning – Songs From The Deep End’, a documentary on Henning’s story so far. Julia Henning was also, most recently invited to play ‘WOMADelaide’ and received rave reviews from her stand out performance.

“Local darling Julia Henning delivered an emotional set of rock ballads and touching love songs. Introduced by none other than Myf Warhurst, she praised Julia for her recent accomplishments. With a stunning voice that could be found in the back of a dark club she boasts powerful lyrics and a carefree nature. But it is her talented band that ties the performance together.” – Melina Scarfo,

“The infectious, ethereal new track's semi-meta clip finds Henning and her cohort feverishly searching for the perfect music video idea as they work their way through well established MTV-esque tropes such as Boy Band, Hipsters, Interpretive Dance, Pool Party and so on. It's a deceptively simple but very effective technique, which, alongside clap-alongs and irresistible harmonies, makes for thoroughly entertaining viewing.” –

Brad Butcher

A true Renaissance man at heart, Brad Butcher always yearned to create. He grew up humming to the sounds of his mother play Bach and Beethoven on the family piano and spent his nights writing songs on his hand-me-down guitar. But for the central Queensland country kid, the ¬dream of making it in the music business seemed impractical. Butcher soon accepted a job as a cabinetmaker. He took to the manual labor well, working 10 hour days, only stopping when his boss turned away. Still he spent many sleepless nights discovering his passion for songwriting and wondering if he was on the right path. Pretty soon, cabinetry led to the confines of the coal mines which offered him the time to focus on his music.

For over a decade, Butcher kept his voice and his songs largely to himself, privately honing a singer/songwriter style that mixes the working class grit of Springsteen with the tender expression of Ray LaMontagne. In 2012, he released his acclaimed self-tilted debut album, which earned him a showcase at BIGSOUND, Australia’s foremost international music conference.

His new album Jamestown centres around themes of travel and the contrasting lifestyle of a fly-in fly-out worker who always has home in his heart and a guitar close to hand. At the core of it all though is an uncomplicated country bloke striving to connect, inspire and remain true.


Three of Australia’s favourite americana-folk and country musicians join together this March to enter into 2015 in true style. These shows will see both Liam Gerner and Josh Rennie-Hynes on the back end of the best part of 12 months of national and international touring celebratingtheir new records “Land of NoRoads” and “February” respectively. While Caitlin Harnett’s debut, “The River
Runs North”, is full steam ahead with TheMusic saying “There’s a youthful optimism on this accomplished debut that warms the soul and lifts the spirit".

The three young artists will see the best parts of Australia this March playingshows along the east coast and Adelaide along with regional stops.

Josh Rennie-Hynes
“Few young artists in recent memory have so effortlessly bridged the gap between theyounger generation and the elders educated by the American folk and country legends” – Martin Jones, Rhythms Magazine

Caitlin Harnett
"She doesn't seem to worry about modern trends; it's all about classic songwriting - and a
voice filled with heartache, sorrow and joy. "

Jeff Jenkins, The Music, ABC radio

Liam Gerner
“Liam is an extraordinary musician. Both as a songwriter and performer Liam is a force to
be reckoned with.”
- Ryan Bingham

The Bon Scotts

Folk revivalists The Bon Scotts bring .....their charismatic, boisterous and always breathtaking live show. With distinct, dazzling instrumentation and undeniably wicked hooks, they will take you from booming drums and foot stomping sing-alongs to the whisper-like quiver of violins. With their humble observations, they explore lost love, seedy friendships, the free market and summers golden promise.

“What they actually happen to be are a rambunctious, ramshackle seven-piece folk pop outfit, ready to rock your world with their cleverness and sex appeal. Well, maybe not so much with the sex appeal.” - Beat Magazine

The Melbourne seven piece, described by Rolling Stone as ‘a fine balance between beautiful instrumentation and raucous theatrics”, will be presenting songs from their new album Modern Capitalism Gets Things Done, all done with their unique, trademark satire, charm, and penchant for nonstop theatrics.

in concert

Forté will be generating a cloud of Authenticity, Mindfulness & Compassion in & around the Singing Gallery on March 13. Come bask in his positive, meaningful music & experience his vulnerability & showmanship. This will be a special performance accompanied by Rachel Bruerville on Cello, Gillian Murray on Bodhrán, Theo Vandersman on Double Bass and Burke Stacy on Didgeridoo.

The band has developed Forté's original music to a point at which it soars higher than ever before. With special guest Mitch Brown from Melbourne, Kate Hughes completing the Worlds Greatest Shave & sing along opportunities, this will be a life changing event!

Sunshine & Lollipops

15 year old singing sensation performs George Formby, Frankie Valli and Marilyn Monroe - with an electric ukulele! It's Frootloopy!

Taya Rose stars as Frootloopy in her debut show "Sunshine & Lollipops" bringing her quirky spirit and electric ukulele to the 2015 Adelaide Fringe.

Bringing back memories and reviving classic vintage hits, Frootloopy performs the beloved songs from the 1930s to the 60s with her own unique voice and performance pizzazz with a smattering of comedy and lollipops.
At only 15 years of age, Taya Rose will leave audiences mesmerised with her diversity, maturity and infectious love of musical mayhem. No matter where her travels take her, Taya Rose makes her mark entertaining with pure joy and frivolity. This upcoming star from Strathalbyn started performing publicly with Tin Can Alley in April 2014 - mentored by Jacqy Phillips of Tin Can Alley.

Lily and the Drum

Lily and the Drum are an eclectic duo that strives to deliver honest, heartfelt music.Vocalist and guitarist Lily unites with John (Drum) on percussion, harmonica and backing vocals. They describe their music as “Contemporary Retro, Roots, and Blues with a dash of Rockabilly!” The live sound is full but there are no backing tracks or computers working in the background. “What you hear is real” a simple formula which has earned them a strong following throughout the country.

In 2012 they released their debut album “Nobody Just Like Me” and began touring throughout Victoria, NSW and SA. Radio stations throughout Australia added the album to their playlists. “Nobody Just Like Me” was well received and the album charted at: No. 2 on the Adelaide Three D Radio Top 20 charts No 63 on the 2012 Most played Top 100 chart Adelaide Three D Radio.No. 23 in the Top 25 Most played albums Australian Roots and Blues Airplay Chart Oct 2013.

An EP “As A Matter Of Fact” was released in August 2014 and debuted at No. 3 on Adelaide Three D Radio Top 20 charts Sept. 2014. The EP also debuted at No. 18 in the Top 25 Most played albums Australian Roots and Blues Airplay Chart Sept. 2014. The new Album “Welcome Change” was released in Late October 2014 and the Duo has embarked on an extensive tour both here and interstate to promote the new album.

Julia Henning
'Drifter Tour'
with Special Guest: Kelly Menhennett

Local girl, Julia Henning returns to The Singing Gallery in support of her latest single, Drifter from her debut album, Fledgling.
Recently crowned 'Favourite Pop Act' and Awarded 'Best Song' in the Fowler's Live Music Awards, Julia's final show of her Drifter Tour is one not to be missed. Backed her renowned band, Julia showcases both her raw, emotive musical stylings and incredible vocal prowess.
Henning will be joined at the Singing Gallery by the soulful Kelly Menhennett as her support. The Telstra Road To Discovery winner is regarded as one of South Australia's best kept secrets.

Join two of South Australia's best up & coming female artists for a night to remember.'

The one & only

Bearded Gypsy Band

Hayward Williams (USA) & The Yearlings

Hailing from Wisconsin USA, Hayward Williams returns to Australia in support of his fifth studio album, The Reef. The 10-track LP traces Williams’ journey back to creativity and performance following a medical diagnosis of exhaustion and a period of self-doubt, and it showcases both his Americana roots and his rich, soulful voice.

Williams will be joined at the Singing Gallery by local duo The Yearlings as his support and backing band, with Chalklen’s sublime vocals and Parkinson’s moody and masterful lead guitar offering the perfect setting for Williams’ rambunctious and engaging style.

Tickets: $20
Tel. 0413 358 618

Hopes & Dreams

Elektra has created a 'White Ribbon' fundraising event...'Hopes & Dreams' help raise awareness about their male led campaign to stop violence against women. Violence against women usually also involves violence against children. The talented Heather Frahn, Lilli Collins, Chrissy Sekulla, Kate Townsend and Giles Ewing, South Australian songwriters and musicians who are passionate about this cause will be performing mostly original songs.
There will be an Art Auction of works from South Australia, USA and Sweden by Angus Rayner, Jane Tromp, Dave Birch, Anne Marie Grgich and Fredrik Norberg plus a little poetry and surprise door prizes.

Currently there are one in six women killed in this country due to domestic violence every week. You can learn more about this campaign at including watch a powerful commercial they made last year.
"If we do nothing, nothing will change" Elektra 2006 copyright

8 Ball Aitkin

8 Ball Aitken has been a music festival favorite for a decade across 15 countries. He has called the Nashville, USA home for three years. He averages 200+ gigs per year and is known for his exciting live shows and his original swamp-country-blues sound.
8 Ball has been nominated for the APRA and Golden Guitars Awards as well as winning two Queensland Song Awards.

8 Ball’s music has been used on popular USA television shows ‘Justified’ and ‘Breaking Amish’. His latest release, ‘SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE’, was recorded in Nashville with musicians including members of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Robert Plant’s band. 8 Ball’s single ‘I’m Going To Jail’ hit number #1 for three weeks on the Australian CMR charts -- I'M GOING TO JAIL --

Cat Canteri

Cat Canteri’s debut album When We Were Young combines a rare combination of emotional vulnerability and musical accomplishment. Her charismatic vocal tones deliver her unique, and highly personal storytelling songs, with an easy, pop sensibility.

Cat will be launching the album at The Singing Gallery on Friday 14th of November. She'll be joined her formidable band Justin Olsson on drums, Daniel Hobson on bass and Justin Bernasconi on guitar, who, will also be opening the show with a set of original songs and ragtime inspired tunes.

“A clutch of infectiously catchy songs performed by a singer of real feeling, and depth, who’s also an amazing adept multi-instrumentalist” Jeff Lang

"It’s a really fine record, sensual, warm and a ting of real quality, recommended" Americana UK

Special guest: Justin Bernasconi

Fred Smith

After returning home from a second stint in Afghanistan, then an extensive tour of 50 regional theatres of his acclaimed Dust of Uruzgan show, singer, songwriter and Australian diplomat Fred Smith will be out and about this spring touring with his new album, HOME.

Renowned for his travelogue albums (Bagarap Empires, Texas, Dust of Uruzgan), Smith turns his attention to that place "from whose borne no traveller can escape”.

Since 1998, Smith has released eight albums. Interestingly, they are all good. In 2008, Sydney Morning Herald critic Bruce Elder wrote: “It is about time Australia caught up with Fred Smith. This remarkable singer-songwriter - who at various times reveals influences that range from Paul Kelly via Lou Reed to Loudon Wainwright III to Leonard Cohen - keeps releasing amazingly accomplished albums...He is also very funny.”

Siobhan Owen

Au Revoir Australia

Catch one of Siobhan’s final performances before she heads overseas for at least a year.
Welsh born Siobhan will take you on a reflective music journey across the Celtic lands of Wales,Scotland and Ireland... and far beyond! Siobhan's haunting soprano voice and delicate harp playing are a beautiful combination for the mainly traditional Celtic songs in her repertoire.
A popular performer at festivals around Australia, Siobhan is also gaining recognition internationally, making her UK, US and French debuts in 2013. After being ‘discovered’ on youtube by French producer Alan Simon, Siobhan was chosen as the voice of Yseult for a new French production of “Tristan & Yseult”. The CD release and the world premiere show took place in Nantes, France in March 2014. Siobhan returns to France in December to perform in another Alan Simon show, and will spend a year or so based in Wales to take up performance and touring opportunities around the UK and Europe.
This concert is part of Siobhan’s “Au Revoir Australia Tour”. One of the last chances to see this sublime performer before she departs for overseas.

Steve Tyson

Steve Tyson’s debut solo album TEMPLE DOG, released in 2011, was a collection of eclectic folk songs, that resonated with critics in Australia. Inspired by a lifetime of extensive travels through exotic locations such as India, Japan and Russia, this set of extraordinary songs drew 4 star reviews in the national music press.
With a musical pedigree that includes playing in Chuck Berry’s touring band, supporting legendary rockers Status Quo on a 31 date tour of the UK, plus six European tours and seven albums as guitarist/mandolin player with Australian folk-rock band Rough Red, Tyson has mined his well of experience to create his follow-up album GREEN SIDE UP. For much of the inspiration for this new record, Steve had to look no further than his family history, with stories of his great-grandmother’s tough life in rural Queensland, his great uncle’s capture and imprisonment during the Great War, intertwined with matters of the heart, stories from the road, and a healthy dose of black humour.
A punter at a recent festival summed up Steve

Steve delivers these songs live with passion, soul, humour, and fine musicianship, with his longtime bandmates, branded for this tour as The New Felons

Tara Carragher

South Australian songwriter, Tara Carragher, is a lover of poetic storytelling and soul-searching, universal themes. Her songs evoke a feeling of longing, self exploration and a fearless intensity which is unmistakably her own.

In the tradition of Lucinda Williams, Neil Young and Billy Bragg, Miss Carragher's music is not always "pretty" but it is beautifully honest.

Tara will be joined at the Singing Gallery by her band, featuring Richard Coates, Gilli Atkinson, Chris Parkinson of The Yearlings and Chris Soole. The show will be opened with a performance by Loren Kate.

For more information about Tara, head over to her website:

Gleny Rae Virus
with Pete Fidler

Gleny Rae Virus was raised on the western plains of NSW where she learned all the necessary rural skills such as driving a tractor, skinning rabbits and marking lambs. For the past 20 years, she has lead fellow musicians and audiences on a rollicking adventure through a range of country genres, all laced with a healthy dose of irreverent humour. She has released a total of seven full length albums with the Toe Sucking Cowgirls, The Junes and her specialist hillbilly swing outfit Gleny Rae Virus and her Playboys. Gleny became the voice of humanitarian Australians when she appeared in the ground breaking SBS documentary Go Back To Where You Came From (2011). Gleny Rae Virus will be joined by the delightful and talented Pete Fidler who is known mainly for his Dobro playing, however he also picks a mean guitar and mandolin. Pete has been carving out a career as an in-demand musical sideman for over a decade, helping out on stage or studio with such artists as Nick Charles, Bill Jackson, Liz Frencham, Cyndi Boste, Bluestone Junction, Jimmy the Fish, Big Bug Trio, Mustered Courage and his current band, Little Rabbit.


Progressive Folk Rock and Original Compositions
The symphonic wall of sound is back
Zychorelic is a ‘flexible ensemble’ of very experienced musicians

Performances often feature guest artists and always provide plenty of surprises. Join the relics with some much younger friends at Adelaide’s best intimate venue the Singing Gallery McLaren Vale

Bar facilities available BYO wine only with corkage
Cabaret style seating BYO basket supper


A Tribute to Leonard Cohen
in Words and Music

Performance includes a personal selection of Cohen’s songs with visuals and commentary.

After sell out shows in the Adelaide Fringe and recent performances in The Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Tess and Michael are bringing their show to The Singing Gallery on the week of Leonard Cohen’s 80th celebrate his life and music!


Forté creates music to surround you with love and hope. His songs share wisdom gained traversing physical and spiritual destinations.
A desire to find balance on the tightrope of ego and expression led him to forgo normalcy for the nomadic. Roaming throughout Australia he chooses transformation and expression over possessions and attachment.
Awakened to meditation, authenticity, mindfulness and generosity, his music has become a reflection of this new consciousness.
Forté performs his songs with gusto, to brighten peoples’ days. Listen to Forté's music, and let his compassionate compositions, performed with joy and love, put a smile on your face.

Support Acts:
James Byrne and
Rajimataji & Danny G

Loren Kate
- With Special Guests -

Loren Kate’s music is like a beautifully dynamic, emotionally charged storybook. She writes beautiful songs and performs them with an honesty and passion that is both humbling and inspiring.

"Don’t see just another girl with an acoustic guitar. Loren's music has a rare emotional depth and a subtle rarified beauty. To me Loren Kate is an exciting and serious artist. I saw her make an absolutely packed church cry at Fairbridge Festival. She needs more chances to unfold her music for people." - Harry James Angus (The Cat Empire, Jackson Jackson)

"The seated event show-cased her gorgeous voice as it wrapped around the stream of raw and emotional songs. Kate's original music is soft, gentle and earthy. It settled over the bulging crowd and seemed to repel the many distractions from chatty passerbys and booming main stages.”
-Aaron Vinall, The Barefoot Review (Womadelaide 2014)




Justin Bernascon


Justin Bernasconi (The Stillsons) launches his acclaimed album Winter Pick at the Singing Gallery. Produced by Jeff Lang, Winter Pick both showcases Justin's eclectic songwriting, and grasp of British and American folk guitar styles. A must see for any fans of Doc Watson, Mississippi John Hurt and Richard Thompson.

Winter Pick has received outstanding reviews in R2 (Rock N Reel) Magazine (UK), Australian Guitar Magazine and Rhythms, and has been featured on ABC RN, BBC Scotland and Americana UK.


Brendan Gallagher
The Singers And The Songs…

Karma County frontman and ARIA award winning singer/songwriter Brendan Gallagher returns to The Singing Gallery following the release of 3rd solo album Wine Island. He’ll be bringing along a very special guest, exquisite young singer/songwriter Caitlin Harnett.

Brendan Gallagher has produced records for Jimmy Little, Doc Neeson (Angels), Emma Donovan, Jeremy Oxley (Sunnyboys) & more, played on recordings for David Bowie and Kylie Minogue and is the author of international best seller The Open Tuning Chord Book For Guitar. But he is in his element with a swag of songs and stories… and a room full of music lovers.

Alanna and Alicia

Festival favourites and identical twin sisters, Alanna and Alicia, return to The Singing Gallery with their original folky/jazz/roots songs, sweet harmonies, and onstage warmth and sense of fun.
Both are gifted songwriters who have won awards at national level and their lyrics, equal parts heart and humour, sparkle with an original, intimate voice.
They will sing songs from their new album, ‘Twinlines’, launched at the Port Fairy Folk Festival last year, and some from their previous albums, ‘Two in a Book’‚ 2010 and ‘Funny She’s So Much Like Me’‚ 2006. Their fine band features the fine talents of Damien Neil (guitar) and Silas Palmer, (piano and violin).

‘In concert they are entertaining and lively characters with an unpredictable, unscripted natural humour inspired by close observations and wry story telling.They are brimming with talent, a free spirit and endearing charm’.
Jamie McKew, Director Port Fairy Folk Festival. Jan 2014

'deliciously idiosyncratic and saucy songs...wry, frank observations of life and love…quality quirky lyrics delivered with verve and the kind of close harmonies you'd expect from sisters.'
Tony Hillier, Rhythms magazine.


‘December’ is the exciting new single from Julia Henning’s debut album, ‘Fledgling’. Upbeat and carefree, it is an anthem for living in the moment. Julia Henning’s vocals soar over a heartening rhythm section and a catchy piano riff drives the track home. Crowd-funded by her fans through and recorded with Govinda Doyle (Angus & Julia Stone), ‘Fledgling’ is a soul stirring tapestry of real life conflicts and emotions. Featuring tender ballads and epic rock anthems, ‘Fledgling’ is unique in its ability to defy genre stereotypes.

Julia’s voice is pure and powerful at the same time. Coupled with her honest lyrics drawing from the realities of life, her words resonate with the listener encouraging them to reflect on life and carry on strong. The album takes you on a journey with tracks illustrating raw heartbreak like ‘Cold Mourning’ to her battle cry title track, ‘Fledgling’. Julia is nothing if not ambitious. In 2012 with one independent release under her belt, she booked two nights at the Sydney Opera House. Playing to full houses, this performance became a live EP and the journey to the Opera House is soon to be released as a documentary.

‘Fledgling’ is a beautiful look into the mind of one of Australian’s most promising young artists.

The Baker Suite and Lisa Richards

The Baker Suite (John Baker and Gayle Buckby) have been around the world in the last year, from their WOMADelaide performance to their tour dates in Russia and Germany. Lisa Richards, on the other hand, is embarking on her first series of Australian tour dates after basing herself in NYC and Austin Texas for the past 22 years.
Lisa Richards and John Baker first played together 23 years ago at a concert in Abercrombie Cave, in a musical outfit called The Cavers. The Cavers were a loose collective of musicians and songwriters who came together to make music, record and tour. Caver members included Australian actor and harmonica player Jack Thompson and drummer Hanuman Dass from the Flying Emus. For the first time in 23 years, John Baker and Lisa Richards are combining musical forces to do a series of intimate shows together.

Storytelling is at the heart of The Baker Suite, built around a warm combination of acoustic guitar and parisian-esque accordion. Described as art-folk, french cafe and cabaret romantica, they've performed at festivals world-wide including, WOMADelaide (AU), the Bohemia Jazz Festival (CZ), Okayama Cultural Festival (JP), Nelson Arts Festival (NZ), International Guitar Festival (AU), Adelaide Festival of Arts (AU), Adelaide Cabaret Festival (AU), Lorch Am Rhein Cultural Festival (DE), and The Australian National Folk Festival. They've opened for Elton John, Kate Ceberano, Archie Roach & Ruby Hunter, Vika and Linda Bull, Francoiz Breut (Fr) and Mary Gauthier (USA).

Lisa Richards, Folk Nouveau chanteuse writing songs that explore the world through a melting pot mix of sounds that include folk, jazz, country and blues. Appearances in the USA include Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Rocky Mountain Folks Festival, Kerrville Food and Wine Festival, Kerrville Folk Festival, Merlefest, SXSW, College Music Festival (CMJ). Her songs have appeared on CD's alongside Adele, Nina Simone and Corinne Bailey Rae as well as being heard in film and television. She has shared the stage with a number of artists including Michelle Shocked, Paul Kelly, Chris Whitley and Toni Childs.

The Passionate Fools


The Passionate Fools - Peter Hisco (originally from Adelaide) and Wendy Jackson (Sydney) met and joined forces while living in Melbourne. With diverse performing backgrounds the combination of these two is a special experience. Both are multi-instrumental and their songs feature a full range of acoustic instruments – fiddle, mandolin, guitar, double bass, ukulele and clawhammer banjo. Their singing soars and weaves as they blend their harmonies as one.
Together they have toured through the U.S. and Canada and much of the east coast of Australia but they’ve made Adelaide home for a little while
Join them for a special evening, where they will combine with two of Adelaide’s most talented musical couples to present two diverse musical sets. They will be joined by Jeri Foreman (fiddle) and Gage Stead (double bass)– fabulous young musicians making a mark across the country; and Hugh and Janet Gordon (fiddle and piano) from the amazing family band –Tamarisque.

You can expect a smorgasboard of acoustic styles – from bluegrass and old time country inspired tunes to jazz and swing and blues.

A Tale Of
Three Cities Tour

Singer/songwriters Imogen Clark, Darcy Fox and Paige Renee Court will embark on their A Tale of Three Cities Tour in July 2014, gracing the stages of three Australian cities with each of their unique blends of acoustic country, folk, pop and indie. As three solo acts sharing the headline, these ladies will bring their show to both regional and urban venues within their respective hometowns of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Paige Renee Court, hailing from regional Adelaide, is a singer/songwriter who bases her music around the alternative/folk-influenced genre. Paige was selected as a Finalist in the 2013 Telstra Road to Discovery and has recently recorded her soon-to-be debut single, which is set to be released in June 2014. Paige continues to gig in intimate venues across her state, showcasing her original music and causing a stir in the South Australian music scene. Paige received rave reviews by Pedestrian TV and Rip It Up after selling out shows in the 2014 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Sydney songstress Imogen Clark has been described by Drum Media as “showing a maturity beyond her years both in song, her writing and performance...certainly a mainstay in the Australian live scene” (Timothy Scarfe, July 2013). Having supported the likes of Matt Corby, Christine Anu and The McClymonts, and having been a Grand Finalist in the 2013 Telstra Road to Discovery, it’s no wonder Imogen’s recent tour of the Australian east coast resulted in packed out shows and rave reviews.

Darcy Fox hails from Gippsland Victoria and has been performing for 5 years. A Semi-Finalist of the national Telstra Road to Discovery competition in 2013, she released her first single in 2010 titled I'm Here, which received airtime on the Country Music Channel, Landed Music and Rage. In 2012, Darcy released her debut album titled Unprotected Grounds which comprised of 13 original songs.

The Vaudeville Club presents:

.... an extraordinary evening jam packed with entertainment and laughter.

THE VAUDEVILLE CLUB is a Variety Cabaret featuring a diverse all star cast of the wild and fabulous, the classy and the quirky…..
THE ODDITIES featuring
ROD LARA Melbourne Comedy Sensation
TROPICO Mariachi Band
ANYA ANASTASIA - International Theatrical Songstress
VIVIENNE VON COFFIN & NONA MONA – Saucy Burlesque Senoritas
KYLEA Gypsy Belly Dancer
KITTY BLOOM - Stage Kitten Extraordinaire


Soursob Bob
Wee Leggie

Soursob Bob is a songwriter and performer of mythic storytelling and observation from his own perspective. This leaves the audience totally excluded from the song writing process, but strangely able to relate to the songs. These are anthems of Australia inspired by travelling through ranges and into deserts, suburban ballads and disturbed personal insights, possibly cathartic and humorous.
His name comes from the pretty yellow flowering weed (Oxalis pes-caprae), ubiquitous around his home of Adelaide.
Soursob Bob is currently collaborating with violinist composer Emma Luker, writing a new musical entitled "March of the Mincing Poodle".

Wee Leggie sings original songs with his double bass together with engaging spoken word and dark satire about the hairy topics we pretend don’t exist. Still reeling from the Adelaide Fringe, Wee Leggie heads to the Edinburgh Fringe with his brand new show. ‘A poetic and singing performance that had the whole crowd participating’ ( Amputee Song: ‘…a deliciously perverted and quirky love song to an amputee, with brilliant rhymes and a swinging tune, which evokes Tom Lehrer in its clever subversion' ( Designer Death, for boomers with tumours: ‘A blitz’ ( Music composed by Ian Lehmann.

Courtney Robb

When you are watching Adelaide songstress, Courtney Robb, the first thing that hits you is a rare honesty and sense of self that pulls you along with her on an emotional roller coaster. Her husky, but undoubtedly Australian vocals are woven with purposefully delicate guitar in a style teetering on the edges of folk, country and blues. Robb is not afraid to bare her soul, to share stories of love, belonging, heartache and failure.

In 2010, Robb was chosen by Triple J Unearthed to attend the Sydney Song Summit and be a part of exclusive songwriting sessions with some of Australia's finest including Kevin Mitchell (AKA Bob Evans), Julian Hamilton from the Presets and Megan Washington. She has also had the pleasure of performing at Gorgeous Festival, Fleurieu Folk Festival, Wirrina Bluegrass Festival and Red Desert Live performing alongside some of Australia’s best. 2014 has seen Robb go from strength to strength, with support performances for guitar picking legend Stefan Grossman (US) and Eleanor McEvoy (Ire). Now she comes to the Singing Gallery with her band to celebrate the release of her third alum “In the Dark”. The album was produced and mixed by Tristen Bird from Bird On The Wires studio in Victoria, and mastered by the Aria award winning Govinda Doyle (Angus & Julia Stone) in NSW.

Special guest A.P. D’Antonio

Tara Carragher

"South Australian songwriter, Tara Carragher, is a lover of poetic storytelling, soul-searching and universal themes. Her songs evoke a feeling of longing, self exploration and a fearless intensity which is unmistakably her own.
In the tradition of Lucinda Williams, Neil Young and Billy Bragg, Miss Carragher's music is not always "pretty" but it is beautifully honest.
Tara will be joined at the Singing Gallery by her band, featuring Richard Coates, Gilli Atkinson and Chris Parkinson of The Yearlings. The show will be opened by special local guests.


Special guests: 'SMOKEY JOE'- blues and jazz-tinged ukulele combo

Featuring Dr Zot (reso uke), Monsieur Pascal (uke bass), Prof John (trumpet & keys) and Miss Nikki (vocals).

Audience participation, high jinks, give-aways & prizes guaranteed.
'Best dressed' fashion parade: - ELVIS or DOLLY PARTON ( or other female American Artist )

Les Gitans Blancs

Adelaide’s Gypsy swing group Les Gitans Blancs is an acoustic instrumental quartet that includes: solo guitar, rhythm guitar, violin and double bass.The blend of their colourful personalities, ethnicities, different musical proveniences and choice of tunes will transport you to a “happy mode”. Their repertoire includes original numbers, which represent a fusion of sounds and eclecticism of styles in a predominant Gypsy mood, as well as familiar, timeless melodies, all hand-picked to stimulate and relax at the same time! Their music is inspired by the Manouche Romany music and Eastern European traditional music.

Their first CD “MACRO” was launched in July 2013 at the Gov. Their music is infectious, as it’s obvious that they are having fun playing, performing and surprising with their synergy … sometimes even each other, which makes the whole experience genuine and spontaneous.
Tomislav Kovacev on the rhythm guitar,
Robert Zunic on solo guitar,
Ben Parkin on double bass,
and Julian Ferarretto on violin are Les Gitans Blancs and they are ready to entertain you.

Are you ready to be diverted? … Let’s go then! Hajde!

Weeping Willows

Andrew Wrigglesworth and Laura Coates, are a couple of old souls, steeped in bluegrass tradition and draped in gothic Americana imagery. To Andrew, the acoustic guitar is the object that hangs permanently from his shoulders. Laura, for her part, stays as busy as a post-war housewife; complementing her partner’s skill with a voice that ranges from sugar-sweet to evangelically piercing, whilst regularly adding a little accordion on the side. They regale their audience with stories of sunshine and romance, God and The Devil, murder and decay. Real music.

More info:

Video clips:

Andy and Marta

Inspired by the great American folk musicians of the 50's and 60's, Andy & Marta are a captivating duo who have crafted their own unique style. With their versatility extending from traditional ballads to catchy tunes reminiscent of the twenties and thirties, their hooky melodies and exquisite harmonies will make your ears feel good. Both strong and distinctive singers in their own right they are warmly complemented by their atmospheric acoustic guitar arrangements and when the voices of these two blend you can feel the magic in the air

Daniel Champagne

Lucie Thorne

Described as “Australia’s PJ Harvey… possessing the punch of Cat Power and the wise words of Joni Mitchell” (Courier Mail), Lucie Thorne has earned her place as one of Australia’s most distinctive contemporary songwriters.

Lauded for her unique voice, poetic lyricism, and tender-to-gutsy electric guitar playing, Thorne combines spacious, gritty rock n roll and startlingly original dark-folk to deliver her "exquisite miniatures of distilled emotion" (The Canberra Times), with that signature warmth and intimacy for which her live shows have become so renowned. "Thorne writes some of the most simple and beautiful songs you will hear" (The Age)




Halfway to Forth

Halfway to Forth are brothers Dan & Kyle Lizotte. If you head up past the old steam railway, over the river and round the bend you’ll arrive at their family home, about halfway along the road to a little town called Forth on the NW coast of Tasmania, Australia.

Their music is honest and rootsy, with folk, country and blues shades. These boys attend both schools, Old and New, and stick to writing what they know. You’ll hear more than a little foot stompin’, banjo pluckin’ and bottle neck slidin’.

Rising Lotus Events presents:
Soul Sounds

An Evening of Uplifting Music with The Rising Lotus & The Wandering Minstrels in the beautiful and acoustically superb The Singing Gallery. With special guest Rajan.
Sit back, relax and be transported by songs that will touch your heart, uplift your mind, inspire your soul and delight ...your senses with a line-up of 3 conscious, soul-filled original artists.
Hot drinks, mocktails, sweets & snacks provided by Pure Love Vegan Living

* Unfortunately due to a bicycle accident recently Haji Basim has had to cancel his performance at this event. He has fractured his elbow and had to cancel his entire Australian tour! We wish him a swift recovery & lots of love and light! We will still continue to bring you a beautiful night of heart-warming music....


Storytelling SA invites you to an afternoon of stories for listeners of all ages. Join us for a shared lunch followed by two hours of fabulous stories told by our members. You will be carried away by the suspense, humour and drama of the stories told. You will feel uplifted and inspired as you experience the power of oral storytelling.
Entry is by donation. Please bring some of your favourite nibbles to add variety to the meal you will share with us all.

Old South Bluegrass Band

Bluegrass, Americana & Folk – Old and new tunes about broken hearts and lonesome nights; trains, mothers, coal mining, murder, whiskey and going home...
All the misery and tears you could wish for wrapped in the joy of singing and playing acoustic only. Hot bluegrass, smooth harmonies, fast instrumentals. Now recognised as one of Australia’s leading bluegrass bands.

Saltwater Taffy

Front porch songs in the tradition of Americana, the music that migrated from the British Isles up into the mountains of Appalachia and came back down again.
A salty sweet tang of four part harmony with more than a touch of Old-Timey string band. Saltwater Taffy takes you on a melodic ride across the salty seas to the hills and cotton fields, from civil wars to lost loves.

Ragged But Right

Ragged But Right promise you real, sparkling and vivacious Americana, old time mountain music, hillbilly blues, dust-bowl ballads and jug band hokum. Come along and shake a tail feather in the crazy spirit of the 1920s and 30s.

Old Man Luedecke

Old Man Luedecke is making a sooner-than-expected, but very welcome return to Australia after the success of his late 2013 Australian tour with our own fellow folk troubadour Jordie Lane.
Invited to perform at our National Folk Festival in Canberra during April, Old Man Luedecke is grabbing the opportunity to drop in and pay a return visit to NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia for a run of intimate side shows while he is out here. He isn’t coming empty handed though; he’ll be bringing with him his new EP "I Never Sang Before I Met You" to share with the many friends and fans he’s made on his two previous visits.
The four-track EP features well-known Canadian artist Joel Plaskett (who also produced) on drums, bass, lead guitar and organ alongside Old Man Luedecke on banjo and vocals. It was recorded in January this year at the New Scotland Yard studios in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and is available now through iTunes.
Family life and work is ‘crazy busy’ for Old Man Luedecke right now; his Juno Nominated Tender Is The Night album has also just been nominated for three (Canadian) East Coast Music Awards, snagging nods for Album of the Year, Folk Recording of the Year and Solo Artist, he’s about to head out for a Canadian tour before returning down under, and his 3 gorgeous daughters (all under 3) are keeping him well and truly in demand on the home front as well. So grab your chance to catch up with Old Man Luedecke – it might be a while til his next visit.

Daniel J. Townsend

Daniel J. Townsend was born on a tiny island at the bottom of the world, veins coursing with a cocktail of English convict and Aboriginal blood. Poet, folk musician and dilettante historian, Townsend has been singing stories ever since.
Formerly of Tasmania's favourite folk-popsters Invisible Boy (“one of the best bands of their kind” - Drumbeat) Townsend's new album has been two thousand years in the making.
Named Iscariot, the record is his collection of stories circling the life of a young man who changed the world, replete with stolen ancient melodies and bastardised folk song lyrics. Townsend also claims to have written some of the stuff himself...
From the gritty gospel of 'A Red-Headed Man' and the eerie orthodox strains of 'Hymn of Kassiani' to the sparse and desolate 'Of Two Mothers' and the full-bodied singalong of 'Ubuntu', Iscariot is something special, dangerous and beautiful.

Neil Murray
Jim Moginie

Two of our most respected singer-songwriters and musicians, Neil Murray and Jim Moginie, have contributed extensively to our musical heritage as founding members of the Warumpi Band and Midnight Oil, and established individual careers outside of those iconic entities.
They became friends in the mid-eighties on the Blackfella Whitefella outback tour and first collaborated in the studio on the Warumpi Band’s original version of My Island Home, with Jim on keyboards.

Neil celebrates a thirty year recording history in 2013 and has an impressive catalogue which includes three Warumpi Band and ten solo albums. His most recent release, Sing the Song - the Essential Neil Murray, is a double compilation available through ABC Music. Neil received the APRA Song of The Year Award in 1995 for the anthemic My Island Home, which was re-recorded by Christine Anu and performed to a global audience at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. In 2001, it was also recognised in the APRA Best Songs of All Time list.

Jim’s twenty-five year contribution to Midnight Oil cannot be understated – songwriter, musician and vocalist in a blistering band which also pioneered new ground, inflamed passions and challenged social justice and environmental concepts. Midnight Oil was a global phenomenon and produced fourteen studio albums plus their most recent release, Essential Oils, a thirty-six track compilation hand-picked by the band. Eleven ARIAs, an induction into the ARIA Hall of Fame and two songs – Beds Are Burning and Power and the Passion on the APRA Best Songs of All Time, are just some of their many accolades.

Christopher Coleman

With a sound that effortlessly and beautifully crosses the divides of folk-pop, blues and rock, and with well-crafted, narrative-driven songs that are in turn evocative, whimsical and infectious, the Christopher Coleman Collective are worth catching.

From intimate vocals and sweet melodies to audience sing-a-longs and exuberant, cheeky rock n roll showmanship, the atmosphere, and the audience, is putty in their hands. Coleman’s undeniable charisma and charm adds something special to the already abundant talent on show.

Over the past couple years, the Christopher Coleman Collective has been steadily building a bridge over the big blue sea called Bass Strait. Pretty much a state held secret until 2012, the appealing young folk artist and his band spent time quietly polishing their songs and sharpening their performances to appreciative and enthusiastic local audiences.

More info:

Marlon Williams

Described as "the impossible love child of Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison and Townes Van Zandt", Marlon Williams is a 2-time New Zealand Music Award winning singer/songwriter who Rhythms Magazine have called the Artist To Watch in Australia for 2014. At just 23, Williams has already built a successful career in New Zealand fronting alt-country legends The Unfaithful Ways, supporting Justin Townes Earle and Band Of Horses, and performing as one half of acclaimed duo "Delaney Davidson & Marlon Williams'. He has been nominated for 3 APRA Awards, and 2 New Zealand Music Awards, winning Best Country Song and Best Country Album in 2013 for his collaboration with Delaney. Williams relocated to Melbourne in July 2013, and in 6 months played over 65 shows around the country including Mullumbimby Music Festival and tours with for Robert Ellis (US), Jordie Lane, Sweet Jean, David Bridie, Wagons and Renee Geyer. His rapid rise culminated in packing out his first Australian ticketed show at The Toff In Town in January, where he launched "Live At La Niche", a live album recorded in Fitzroy that has been released in physical form only. Williams debut album will be recorded in April. Watch this space

Eleanor McEvoy

Eleanor McEvoy is one of Ireland’s most accomplished female singer/songwriters. Respected as a fine multi-instrumentalist in both traditional and contemporary music, she is best known for writing “Only A Woman’s Heart”, the title track of an anthology album that’s gone on to be the best selling recording in Irish History. Eleanor’s strong Irish accent adds to her renditions of her quirky, perceptive songs, ranging from love ballads and story-telling to left-of-centre takes on the vagaries of life. Eleanor is touring Australia to promote her new album, Stuff!

“Eleanor McEvoy appears to have done it all. Since first becoming a household name in Ireland over two decades ago, the Wexford-based, Dublin- born singer has journeyed from classical to folk, detouring via rock and pop. She’s equally comfortable as a jazz chanteuse, an acoustic troubadour and a singer-songwriter, whether solo or fronting a band. If Crowded House was fronted by a female, they’d probably sound something like this…” Colm O’Hare – Hot Press, March 5th 2013

-Support Act -

Ange Takats

Former foreign correspondent turned folk singer Ange Takats has a voice that is able to coat with sugar, crush with sadness and cut through to the soul of a song. Named ‘Folk/ Singer Songwriter of the year’ at the 2013 Queensland Music Awards, her second album 'Arva' blends 60s folk with 30s jazz. Strangely enough, Ange’s career began in Bangkok where she worked as a journalist by day and folk singer by night. Her worldly adventures and gift for storytelling have allowed the Sunshine Coast based artist to develop a unique performance style - weaving light-hearted travel tales between darkly emotive songs.

Little Wise &
Megan Bernard
with special guest
Loren Kate

Folk roots duo Little Wise and hybrid pop artist Megan Bernard are joining forces for a national tour in March – May 2014.
The tour will take the pair from their hometown of Melbourne across VIC, TAS, SA, NSW and QLD. A joint effort showcasing the Little Wise duo and Megan Bernard’s solo material, the acts will alternate performance order for each show. Whilst the outfits may have diverse genre leanings, the artists view the stylistic diversity as a tasty aural treat for audiences.

Little Wise showcases precise female harmonies lead by singer-songwriter Sophie Klein’s wistful but self-assured vocals. Whilst mostly a rhythm guitarist, Klein confidently throws in layers of banjo, mandolin and slide guitar , summoning the spirits of Lucinda Williams, Mia Dyson, The Waifs and James Taylor. Joining Klein is Megan Bernard on backing vocals, decorating Klein’s songs with her irresistibly lush electric guitar tones. Together, the pair share a palpable musical chemistry emerging from years of musical friendship.
To coincide with the tour, Little Wise are proud to release a new 6-track EP entitled Sweet Rain Falling, featuring the single My Pocket, a matured follow-up to 2012’s Moments of Clarity EP. My Pocket is the result of a new collaboration with producer Kalju Tonuma and shows Klein at her most vulnerable, as she examines both the sadness and profundity of grief.

Bernard is touring in support of her recently released single Bulldozing, a much-anticipated follow up to this Melbourne hybrid-pop siren's previous releases 'Big Dreams', and 'Shifting Futures'. Bulldozing takes Bernard’s sound and song-writing to inspiring new places, filled with sensual and haunting vocals, aggressive sonic attack, elegant lyrical structure and instrument samples including an Indian Sarangi from Orchestral Rock band BaK. Bernard's sound draws its power from a John Mayer-inspired guitar style and the luscious vocal soundscapes of Imogen Heap. ‘A fabulous guitarist’ – Gotye.

Celebrating St Patricks day
Irish Concert
The Jack Brennan Band


Blues/Roots Country/Folk Singer/Songwriter

With 12 years fronting award winning rhythm ‘n’ blues band Chubby Rae & the Elevators, Melbourne based singer/songwriter Marisa Quigley has developed some serious vocal chops. Female Vocalist of the Year at the 2007 Australian Blues Music Awards and semi-finalist in the 2012 International Songwriting Competition, she is unquestionably a self-made songstress and a voice to be reckoned with.

Engaging you from her ‘home on the stage’ you can’t help be captivated by Marisa's dynamic presence, hauntingly beautiful vocals and earthy humour. She will in one breath have you in stitches with her irreverent wit and in the next, move you to tears with her breathtaking lyrical stories. Her songs are a testament to a life well lived. Some tell the dark and desperate tales of murderers, gypsies and slaves, others are full of purpose and meaning while many are just a darn tootin’ barrel o’ fun.

John Legg

Pithy and topical musical comedy with a full bladder from the fringes of Edinburgh.In this intimate and quirky encounter Wee Leggie sings with his double bass about issues that affect us all but are rarely discussed.
With songs about euthanasia (a designer death for boomers with tumours), incontinence, amputee lust, kombis and his grim senile solution for an ageing Australia, John likes to tackle the big issues. Tried bushwalking naked? Come on, let it all hang out, sing along and grow old disgracefully. See you in the bushes.
Warning: show contains confronting and wilful verbal imagery, sexual incompetence and cat-loathing content.
John: Playwright, writer, lyricist, singer and corporate performer, John’s life has taken many turns as he has travelled from Joppa (Edinburgh) to Adelaide.
Ian: Ian Lehmann writes music to John's words (a challenge). He is neither incontinent nor senile (yet). He is however a grey nomad whose journeys have taken him through the study of classical music, rock and roll and concept projects.
Footnote: The generation that brought you global warming also spends your inheritance. Suck it up!
Review: “Sorry I missed him,” Spike Milligan (deceased).

Jonathan Prag

‘For the first time ever, Jonathan Prag arrives on the Adelaide Fringe, ready to share his wholehearted guitar playing and sheer love of music. Come and enjoy the beauty and emotional power of the solo guitar. This is guitar playing at its best whether he is playing Bach’s haunting Cello suite No.1; or the melodic, folk-based sweetness of Tryptico by the great Venezuelan composer Antonio Lauro. The popular and exquisite Gnossienne by Eric Satie, (which was featured in the film ‘Chocolat’) sets off the soulfully bluesy Prelude by George Gerswhin. Some of the music has a distinctly exotic and lively vibe. Lindsay-Clark’s Salsa Roja is the third movement of a Suite entitled Fiesta Americana, and is dedicated to world famous Paraguayan guitarist, Berta Rojas. America,by Matthew Sear, is full of familiar sounds and rythms – the jangle of New York, the plangent Blues of the Deep South, Keystone Cops, Mexico and even traffic jams with horns beeping. Jonathan's performance overflows with beautiful lively music and surprising changes of pace. He continues to explore classical versions of music from folk roots and this year he has chosen to play Niel Gow’s Shadow by guitarist Neil Smith, a medley of gorgeous traditional Scottish tunes. With his friendly style of presentation and obvious love of the guitar this show is bound to leave you feeling happy and uplifted.

The best in Klezmer music
Nick Vall and friends

Klesma music show...gypsy jazz & everything in between. They are brilliant & back by popular demand.


As Tyme Goes By

AS TYME GOES BY - with Singing Gallery Troubadours Dave, Kate & Tony, bringing you songs & stories you will remember forever. Joined by captivating Viva Dance Duo, Robyn & John with influences of show dance, jazz, tap,
ballroom….A Great Cabaret Show.

Cat Stevens
Tribute Show

A raw, intimate & unique solo acoustic tribute & historical visual journey of the life & music of Cat Stevens. The show is truly entertaining & encourages audience participation aided by
projected images & words on the large screen.

John McNamara
Blues concert

"Masterful Blues Guitar, Brilliant & Blisteringly Fast... Powerful & Resonant Voice." -RipitUp
"Soulful is an undertatement... Listeners were hypnotised into silence." -Broadway Baby Edinburgh Fringe
"An Exceptional Music Experience...Deeply Satisfying Show." -ThreeWeeks Edinburgh Fringe.
In less than 2 years on the Blues Scene John has Wowed audiences world wide, touring Germany twice, performed in the Edinburgh & Adelaide Fringe festivals & toured South East Asia.
John has shared the stage with local and internaitonal acts incl , Joanne Shaw Taylor, Diesel, Rick Price and Eirc Martin.
Taking cues from soul greats such as Sam Cooke & Bobby Bland John delivers a Unique, Intimate Blues Experience.

Barry Skipsy
Red Centre Show

Award winning photographer, singer & Alice Springs resident Barry Skipsey presents a stunning musical & visual performance about the land he loves. Great songs & 300 photos on a large screen.

The return of the Song
and Danceman

With songs like SONG AND DANCEMAN, THE ONE I LOVE, SATURDAY DANCE and ROCK AND ROLL LADY, Mike McClellan has earned an honoured place within the history of Australian music.

Mike's career spanned the late 70's and early 80's, and brought chart-topping songs and gold albums – plus his own ABC TV show. And now, after years of pouring his creative energies into the marketing and advertising industries, Mike has has made a long-awaited return to performing and recording, with an album of brand new songs If only for a moment…

That it sustains the exceptional quality of his much-loved early work while richly reflecting his growth as a writer is ample testimony to his enduring talent, and will only add to Mike McClellan's illustrious history as one of our finest singer songwriters.

Mike McClellan is back. Well and truly.

Jeff Witt
Songs of
Leonard Cohen

Solo performance of songs by Leonard Cohen with nylon string and steel string guitars and digital keyboard. A focus on the poetic aspect of songwriting by Leonard Cohen and other significant songwriters.

Jeff Witt has been performing Leonard Cohen Songs since the 1970's. "My Secret Life" is a personal interpretation of Cohen's songs, from an artist who has studied Cohen's writing for several decades. This performance includes several songs from 'Ten New Songs' performed with a Korg keyboard. Many songs from Cohen's first few albums are performed with nylon and steel string guitars. Some songs that were traditionally played with guitar have been re-interpreted for keyboard. Jeff's over-riding interest as a solo performer is to select songs that have a poetic element to the lyrics, as well as an appealing melody. He then spends a great deal of time in rehearsal, with a view to getting inside the song and thus making the performance a personal expression of his own life experience. The evening does include some songs that are written by other contemporary, poetic song writers.

The one & only
Ted Egan
in concert

Upstage Theatre presents:


The notorious gangsters, the Cabana brothers, Al,Sal, Mal and Hal are back in town for a night of lust, sex, greed, murder and mayhem. A roaring 20’s song and dance musical extravaganster show, which sees Bubbles Galore, star of the Copa-Cabana hire a private”dick” to infiltrate the Club and save a showgirl’s reputation and life.

Meet Al, (John Martin), Sal,( Clint Mullins), Mal,
(Paul Trueack), and Hal ,(Chris Burrows),
with Deirdre Quinn as Bubbles Galore.
Paul McLean as the private detective and Sue Oldknow plays his long-suffering secretary.
But where is the rival gangster, Louie the Louse? The ethnic chef & cleaner cause mayhem,
but who are their partners-in-crime? With showgirls, Millie played by the talented Shelley Pontiac & Cher O’Brien all hell lets loose. Couple this with the wonderful original show-time music & songs by David D’Angelo

The Vaudeville Club
1920s-30sVariety Cabaret

Roll up....Roll up for an extraordinary evening jam packed with entertainment and laughter.

THE VAUDEVILLE CLUB is a 1920-30s Variety Cabaret featuring a diverse all star cast of the wild and fabulous, the classy and the quirky.

ANYA ANASTASIA - International Songstress and Mistress of Ceremonies
BYGONE ERROR - Dance Hall frivolities
KAT BLACK - Erotic Poet
FLAVELLA L'AMOUR - Burlesque Serpent Dancer
TANYA ANGAINE - Vintage Belly Dancer
DYMANIC DUODECIMALS - Outrageous Musical Antics
MISS BLOOM - Stage Kitten Extraordinaire

So don you best Vintage wear and join us as we step back in time....

Bob Malone

Los Angeles based BOB MALONE plays keyboards with rock legend John Fogerty, and continues a long running and successful solo career. He plays a one-of-a-kind hybrid of blues, rock, and New Orleans R&B, delivered with high-energy piano virtuosity and soulful vocals. He headlines over 100 shows a year in the US, Europe, Australia and Asia, and has shared stages with Rickie Lee Jones, The Neville Brothers, Rev. Al Green, Dr. John, Leon Russell and many others. Bob has been a twice-featured performer on The Price Is Right, and appeared with John Fogerty on The Late Show With David Letterman. Malone’s six CDs have earned Top-20 spots on the Living Blues and Roots Music Report radio charts, and are played on over 300 radio stations worldwide, including Sirius/XM Satellite Radio’s Bluesville.

“US blues pianist Bob Malone cakewalked all over the keys with rip-roaring pyrotechnics that were part skill and part showmanship, often eschewing the piano stool and jumping around like a rock star…[but] in such soul-baring numbers as Ingénue and Butterfly, head-tossing antics were put aside for a far more engrossing melancholic sweetness. Beneath the banter and the wizardry Bob Malone revealed a raw and splendidly large heart.” The West Australian.



Billy February
Spirit of Alondray
Deb Tapfield


Billy February - solo act with balllads of love and country that he performs around Australia. A true songwriter and entertainer on 12 string guitar and ukuelel 5 cds to his name.

Spirit of Alondray - a 7 piece band that will take you on a unigue journey through blues folk and rock. Real toe tapping stuff with a bright and fresh sound, so bring your dancing shoes folks!

Deb Tapfield - a delightful singer songwriter. Performs with The Tea House Fire Band, but this night does it solo. Her songs will touch your heart and soul and bring a smile to you face.


Aleyce Simmonds
Lachlan Bryan

Aleyce Simmonds is no stranger to country music audiences. A 3-times Golden Guitar nominee, she rose to prominence in 2005 after winning the Telstra Road to Tamworth competition. Since then she has delivered no.1 singles, hit videos and toured extensively with artists from all ends of the country music spectrum.The journey began for Aleyce when her prize winning debut single Mighty Mighty Love charted in the top
10 Nationally on Radio and the corresponding music video went to #1 and became the most requested music video in the history of the Country Music Channel.
Aleyce’s dream to be a successful recording artist began to take shape as she commenced the creation of her first album, working closely with Award Winning Producer and songwriter, Rod McCormack and Sony Music Australia.

Lachlan Bryan is a Melbourne native with a heart steeped in the drama and imagery of country, roots and Americana music. He emerged in 2009 as frontman and songwriter for The Wildes - a band that quickly established themselves as a unique crossover act between the Melbourne alternative and Tamworth-based Australian Country Music scenes. Debut album 'Ballad of a Young Married Man' received universal praise, earning runner-up honours in Radio National's album of the year list and scoring four and five star reviews across the board.
On stage, Lachlan extends the storytelling even further. He is an entertainer. Some nights he blurs the boundaries between banter and stand-up, whilst on others he muses philosophically or even lectures with the passion and conviction of a Southern Baptist preacher. You never quite know which Lachlan you’re going to get – but you know that any one of him give you your money’s worth.


Brendan Gallagher returns to Adelaide with his new double album Wine Island. “funky, bluesy,gritty, a little bit country a little bit rock ‘n roll and 100% Brendo”.
Brendan is a music all rounder – singer, multi instrumentalist, songwriter, performer, producer, composer, author - some say he was born with a guitar in his hands. In a career spanning over thirty years he has played on recordings for artists like David Bowie, Jimmy Little and Kylie Minogue.
He has produced over twenty albums, including two ARIA award winners - Jimmy Little’s instant Australian classic Messenger (1999) and Karma County’s Into The Land Of Promise (2000). His talents extend to piano, drums, percussion and bouzouki, something that has stood him in good stead over the years as an in demand music producer.
Brendan is best known as singer/guitarist with KarmaCounty. Over the last fifteen years the band have released five albums and toured around the world.


The Yearlings' songs rock, sad and slow like a chair on an old wooden porch. Robyn and Chris combine a sunset voice and a heart wood guitar to make a river of sound that winds its way past the hustle and flows back into the country. The Yearlings fly the flag for those that believe the true beauty of music comes from the heart, not the hype. May they continue to do that for us.

David Rogers

David has been singing, playing guitar, and writing songs for most of his life. A regular on the Adelaide and South coast open mic scene, David is an exceptional singer and respected songwriter. His music is emotionally driven, and he’s been influenced by nearly everyone - from James Taylor to Jimi Hendrix.


Brian Doddridge

Brian is Everdyday Acoustic, an Adelaide based solo guitarist, harmonica player and vocalist. He is well known amongst his peers for providing a wide range of covers and a great selection of one hit wonders you may not have heard for a long time. Brian has a wonderful voice and easy going style.


Abbie & Dick Trice

Abbie has a mature and powerful voice that belies her age, and her dad Dick is a gifted guitarist, who surprisingly did not take performing seriously until Abbie needed him to back her when they began doing open mics in 2012. This duo’s talent is obvious, and is reflected in a repertoire of great songs.

Darren Zaza & Amy Baker

Darren Zaza is an experienced songwriter and guitarist, who has performed with The Liars Bench, Corey Stewart, Andy and Marta, Courtney Robb, Joe Man Murphy, the Tangerines, Meredith W Riley and Caramigo. Darren has been the guitarist and singer for popular cover band Fig Jam for over a decade. Drawing influences from a range of alternative country and rock, Darren's poignant songwriting and melodic guitar work will be accompanied by the beautiful violin of Amy Baker

Cambodian Space Project

"They Came From Somewhere Else"

"They Came From Somewhere Else" tour is an opportunity for the Cambodian Space Project to write itself into its own special Odyssey - a humungous road trip from the top to the bottom of Australia and almost 10,000 kms of white line fever, taking its far out South East Asian sounds al the way across the central desert and out to the remotest corners of Australia. Along the way, the musicians cum scientists will embark on a special film project "They Came From Somewhere Else" will be a CSP road movie in which the big questions of our universe can be asked and possibly even answered as the CSP team seeks out petrol pump attendants, truck stop savants, outback scholars, indigenous elders, artists, teachers, hitchhikers, hippies, ferals, runaways, councillors, historians and possibly even you, punters at CSP shows, to ask "what is the meaning of the universe life and everything?"

"Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, 'Wow! What a Ride!"
~ Hunter S. Thompson

“They’re a great band, the singer is amazing, really beautiful, the guitars really jump out at you, very affecting, great stuff.”

“I first heard TCSP on ABC radio, something about Channthy’s voice, one of those voices that gives you the shivers…”

Pagan Folk Rock Concert
Spiral Dance (SA)
Wendy Rule (Vic)
Kelliana (USA)

Kellianna is an American pagan artist who travels internationally performing song and chant inspired by myth, magic, sacred places and ancient times. With guitar and vocals she brings to life the stories and sagas of the Gods and Goddesses. With Native American frame drum and chant she honors the Earth and the Ancestors via primal drumming and powerful vocals.

Wild, passionate and empowering, Australian Visionary Songstress Wendy Rule, weaves together music, mythology and ritual to take her audience on an otherworldly journey of depth and passion. Drawing on her deep love of Nature and lifelong fascination with the worlds of Faerie and Magic, Wendy’s songs combine irresistible melodies with rich aural textures and a rare personal honesty.

As powerful as any equinox, as reinvigorating as any inspired ritual...Spiral Dance offers up rich vocals, delicate melodies and rousing jams all invoking the pagan world at the dawning of its rebirth - their sound and their themes are intoxicating and addictive. Pagan fold rock at its best.

Brenton Manser and
Sasha March
Tom Redwood and Friends

For many years a prolific and highly regarded musician and songwriter, Adelaide’s Brenton Manser comes to the Singing Gallery for the first time to share songs from his new album ‘Below the Moan.’ The album has already been warmly received, earning the Number 1 chart position on Three D radio’s Top 20+1 for numerous weeks. In equal parts folk and blues, reflective and humorous, Brenton’s new songs are the fruits of a lifetime devoted to music. Always an entertaining performer, Brenton will be joined by the very talented vocalist Sasha March.

Tom Redwood comes to the Singing Gallery to share songs from his new album ‘Back to the Brain’. For many years a known musician in experimental circles, Tom’s new music offers something quite different: carefully crafted and poetic songs that turn personal experience into something new. For this special occasion Tom will be joined by talented slide guitarist Winston Robinson, banjo player Anton Becker and enthusiastic 4 year-old bell ringer Annie Redwood-Hart.

Pugsley Buzzard

Prepare to be booglarized by one of Australia`s finest consummate artists. Pugsley Buzzard has performed all over the world from Berlin to the New Orleans French Quarter to the Himalayan Blues Festival in Kathmandu.

Pugsley has dazzled and delighted audiences far and wide with his unique blend of dark hoodoo blues, good time rollicking boogie and blazing stride style piano playing together with his huge mesmerizing voice that can make the ladies sigh and grown men cry. A recipe for loads of fun.

Linda Rankin

Presents an evening of original music steeped in the Scottish TraditionIn Collaboration
with local artists and musical friends:

Chris Finnen
Sherilee Williams

Linda Rankin is one of Australia’s leading proponents of the Scottish Fiddle and has been performing all over Australia for the last 15 years. Founding Director of the Adelaide Scottish Fiddle she has worked to promote Scottish Fiddle music in South Australia and build upon her own musical journey collaborating with artists from many genres including local Blues guitar icon Chris Finnen. Over the last 12 years Linda has produced a diverse range of musical recordings, from traditional to original. Her upcoming performances with musical friends are a new collaboration, reflecting the diverse range of Linda’s music both past and present.

Jack Brennan Band

Spiral Dance

Come and celebrate the lengthening days
and early signs of Spring with
Spiral Dance
at an intimate unplugged afternoon imbolc concert

Soor Ananta

Sounds of Infinity

Featuring two masters of Indian music
Vinod Prasanna –Flute
Jay Dabgar – Tablas

A concert of sublime sounds taking the listener on a journey through time, space and spirit embracing the complexities and beauty of classical Indian music.

Featuring Vinod Prassana one of the world’s youngest Bansuri flute virtuosos who hails from a Varanasi musical family extending back for over two centuries and Jay Dabgar Australia’s foremost tabla percussionist originally from Gujarat.


David Rogers
and friends

Chris Eves is your normal Aussie 'bloke' and is happy to play any of your mainstream Aussie favourites he can comfortably sing (and some not so comfortably) with influences including Paul Kelly and Ian Moss, but also throws in some surprise quirks, with tunes from the likes of Jesse J and the 'Chilli Peppers. Its not so much the musical or vocal ability, but the relaxed delivery that will have you sitting back in your chair and drifting into a zone you won't want to come out of.....

The Weaving comprises multi-instrumentalists and vocalists Ally Cunningham and Justin Bell. Exploring a diverse range of musical styles, the duo perform original music and creatively interpret songs from a wide variety of artists, weaving together a rich tapestry of sound. Let Ally and Justin take you on a journey…

David Rogers has been singing, playing guitar, and writing songs for most of his life. A regular on the Adelaide and South coast open mic scene, David is an exceptional singer and highly respected songwriter. In the 70’s, David performed with local bands as lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter, and with good friend Stephen Prime, won the state section of a national music competition which resulted in recording at the famous Armstrong Studios in Melbourne. David also won a section of an ABC statewide songwriting competition, which resulted in a track on an album of local bands.

Marcus Walsh is a Scotsman who has played music in Scotland, Europe and Cambodia - and in Bosnia Herzegovina for UN troops. Marcus has now settled in Adelaide with his family and likes to keep his hand in with some music playing here and there. Marcus has a wide spectrum of influences in music stretching from folk,rock, Americana to blues and world music - his style has been described"... from Johnny Rotten to Johnny Cash".

Marisa Quigley. The first thing you’ll notice about this 6 ft redhead (okay maybe the 2nd) is her killer voice - sultry, sexy and supersonic it seems to develop more depth and soul with each passing year. Originally from Darwin, Marisa Quigley is best known as founding member and front woman of Victorian rhythm-n-blues band Chubby Rae & the Elevators. She has shared the stage with the likes of Ash Grunwald, Mia Dyson, Chris Wilson and Dallas Frasca and has sung on albums for blues & roots artists Brian Fraser and Dave Steele. She is regarded one of Victoria’s funniest female blues singers and yes... she is the cat’s mother


Sweet Jean is Sime Nugent and Alice Keath. Their music is lush, melodic, honest, and full of charm. Since forming in late 2010, Sweet Jean has built a reputation for their evocative songwriting, razor-sharp harmonies, and stirring live performances. As the AU Review put it, Sweet Jean “can break your heart one minute and mend it the next. The duo has a natural ability to transport their audience to the heart of their songs.”
The album Dear Departure will be released on July 4 2013 through Fuse Music. Co-produced with John Castle (Washington, Bamboos, The Drones, Vance Joy), the album is a collection of stories and reflections by Sime and Alice about life, longing, misadventure and mortality.


JD LOVE -also known as guitarist Dave Springfield from Australian rock/pop outfit The Ferrets, who had a number 2 hit with their single 'Don't Fall in Love' in 1977 .

In recent years, JD would regularly take off to central Western NSW with his daughter Georgia (the talented indie pop chanteuse Georgia Fields) with just a tent and sit out under the stars. Naturally, they would play and sing, sometimes recording themselves on cassette recorders. In May 2011, JD found himself down in Melbourne for some gigs, so took the opportunity to look for a studio with a grand piano and tape machines that could deliver the sound he wanted for the new songs he had written. Daughter Georgia had just finished recording at Atlantis Sound and recommended Dave McCluney because "he's good and he's been around long enough to know tape". By mid-May, JD found himself in a recording studio in South Melbourne, not too far from where he did his first recording 37 years ago at AAV.

Marcus Sturrock

Marcus is touring Australia as one of the headline acts at festivals and concerts, performing songs and tunes from his new double CD titled Florence Bourke and the Virtual Doughnut circus. CD one is an eclectic mix consisting of mostly original acoustic, vocal and guitar compositions. CD two reflects the many styles of music he has listened to, including multi-instrumental tracks and movie sound tracks with guest musicians of many nationalities. Marcus’s concerts are anything but clinical, rather they come with a certain amount of spontaneity in humor, music and crowd interaction. Listen to him talking about his journey’s that find him meeting amazing people, to say the least.

Doc White

Doc was found abandoned in house in Adelaide, South Australia by African-American Mormon missionaries. Spirited back to the US in a steamer trunk and raised on a peculiar musical diet of pre-war acoustic blues and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Doc rejected the Lord in favour of the devil’s music. He picked up a coveted 1935 D42 Martin guitar in a pawnshop by swapping it for a first edition of the Book of Mormon signed by Joseph Smith that came into his possession by dubious and unspecified means. Returning to Australia as a young man after a very public stoush with the Mormon church in Utah, he took up professional long distance swimming and still holds the record for the Glenelg to Somerton ocean swim he set in 1971. Although professional long distance swimming paid better than music, the siren call of the blues was too hard to ignore. 40 years later Doc is still wanted for questioning in Salt Lake City and still playing the blues.

- Cabaret Fringe Festival show -

The Amazing Cristina brings a lifetime of show craft to the stage with acts of mind bending contortion and feats of physical flexibility as well as charming her audience with humerous stories, edgy anecdotes and footage of legendary performances. At almost 69 she will push the boundaries with the introduction of her classic nude performance "Artistry in Motion,"
In her new show “Almost 69” Christine Danton will give her own unique interpretation of what it means to grow old gracefully by presenting her nude art living body sculpture contortion routine “Artistry In Motion.”

Ukebox presents:
Memory Lane
1920's -1930's variety show

You are cordially invited to join us in an evening of sentimental nostalgia with lashings of fun, frivolity and moments of indescribable …. ( words fail ) ….

There'll be ukuleles of course with jolly ventriloquists and smugglers lurking in the wings.

You are requested to warm up your tonsils in transit to the theatre as you will be required to assist with renditions of 'Minnie the Moocher' and other ditties. Patrons with dirty windows will have the opportunity to make bookings with our man who carries rags and a pail.

There will be dramatic interludes of heart-wrenching pathos and 'The Hoffnung Symphony Orchestra', led by the ferocious Otto von Hamburger, will perform toe tapping arias from the classical repertoire

The Crossing

Based in Adelaide, The Crossing are best described as “an acoustic blend of country and folk with a splash of pop”.
Songwriters Craig James (guitars and vocals) and Mark Drilling (drums and vocals) have been busy adding the polish to a number of their tunes, crafted in the true and tried styling of James Taylor, Alison Krause and Union Station, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Buddy Miller, Crowded House and Patty Griffin. The result, great hooks with harmonies a plenty!
With the beautiful Kerrie James on main vocals and Jamie Harrison on bass this is one of the most alluring and professional sounding local acts you’ll come across.
Recording their debut CD in the coming months and looking to release mid 2013 these are exciting times for this 4 piece.

Craig Atkins

with support act Alicia Budd

Craig Atkins is an Adelaide based singer /songwriter multi-instrumentalist blending roots, folk & blues with 6 & 12 string guitars, resonators, ukulele, array of percussion, stomp, yidaki, loop station and effect pedals. With influences such as Xavier Rudd, Ben Harper, David Gray, Joe Purdy and a swag of other local and international musicians, the live set flows between gentle folk ballads built upon melodic structures sharing episodes of life’s observations, from loss and love, through to foot stomping roots and blues to get the floor boards bouncing and the blood pumping.
Craig released his debut solo CD ‘Light & Shade’ in 2012, as well as his acoustic roots/hip-hop duo “Kicking Beyond Matter” debut EP ‘Mother Alive in the same year. Prior to commencing his solo music in mid 2011, Craig has been a percussionist and bass player and session recording artists in various bands and has extensive touring experience across Australia.

Alycia Budd
has become one of the most exciting new names on the Adelaide music scene. Mixing her own brand of melodic folk and pop music, she has garnered much attention from different areas within the local scene. She has played venues such as The Gov, Live on Light Square, The Ed Castle, The Exeter, Grace Emily and Glenelg Surf Life Saving Club. Always having a love of the arts, Alycia studied music from an early age. After being classically trained in Violin, Alycia set her sights on conquering Vocals, Piano and later on, Guitar. Following on from High School, she studied music for 3 years majoring in Vocals. Now being a multi-skilled musician, she hopes to follow in the footsteps of her musical heroes such as Sarah Blasko, Holly Throsby, Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. With an EP coming out later this year, she is looking to expand her live experience.

Lucie Thorne
Sarah Carroll

Acclaimed Australian songsmith Lucie Thorne returns to The Singing Gallery as part of a selection of intimate concerts she’s be performing across the country throughout the autumn. Lauded for her unique voice, poetic lyricism, and tender-to-gutsy electric guitar playing, Lucie has been touring far and wide these past 18 months since the release of her last album - Bonfires In Silver City. After garnering extraordinary praise across Australia , this album was then released by boutique Dutch label Smoked Recordings late last year, and she’s recently returned home after touring extensively across Holland, Germany, Belgium and Romania, in support of that album’s European release. Described by many as her best work yet, Bonfires sees Thorne further hone her spacious, gritty, “exquisite miniatures of distilled emotion” (The Canberra Times), with that signature warmth and intimacy for which her live shows have become so renowned.

Joining Lucie for this fabulous double bill is Victorian treasure - Ukulele Queen of the Bellarine - the one and only Sarah Carroll. Well known throughout Australia as part of GIT, The Junes, The Pirates Of Beer and The Cartridge Family, Sarah released her third solo album, HOME AND HEART, in March 2011. This album was made with her band The Psychedelic Wildmen, a truly amazing collection of Melbourne musicians with whom she performs her original material. For 8 years, Sarah was part of GIT, one of Melbourne's most popular country harmony groups. As part of this band Sarah toured extensively across Australia and the the USA. Sarah's songs are by turns earthy, wry and romantic; the tune Ukulele Bitchfight ( Home And Heart, 2011) was written while waiting for an interview at Centrelink; It Hurts Me (Wahine, 2008) tells of her sorrow at leaving her children behind when going on the road, Shantaray (Wahine) employs an equine metaphor to describe undying love and The Lisa Marie (Yippee, 2006) is a tribute to the King like you've never heard before.

Daniel Champagne

Daniel first picked up the guitar as a five year old and has barely put it down since. Following in the footsteps of a musical father, he began writing his own songs at 12, training classically throughout his teens and performing wherever he could, honing his craft and developing what would become the dynamite live show that he is renowned for today. At 18 he left school, turned professional and hit the road.

He hasn’t stopped since.
After releasing two independent EPs, My Own Design (2009) and Wide Eyed And Open (2010) it was with 2011’s full-length album Pint of Mystery that Daniel’s tour resume burgeoned and he racked up hundreds of shows nationally and internationally, traversing North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, New Zealand and of course, his homeland Australia.

“Today I saw the Future of Folk! – Festival goers flocking in their thousands towards the main stage to witness the young musical phenomenon from Australia dish out an absolute show-stopper at the evening’s end.”
Firefly Column, San Francisco

Laura Hill

Special Guests: The Tuesday Bandits

Nestled on South Australia’s beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula, surrounded by world class wineries, rolling hills and a spectacular coastline, hatched a charming songbird.

Laura’s stunning songs, natural sense of humour and flair for entertaining shine from the stage and on Sunday May 12th Laura with her backing band the Tuesday Bandits will embrace us at The Singing Gallery for a special and intimate Mothers Day Show.
Seeing Laura’s show leaves no doubt this girl knows a thing or two about playing guitar but its Laura’s voice and passion for her craft that evokes engagement with her listeners and leaves them longing for each word. With a new LP out titled ‘Blue Skies” and following her sold out Fringe performance in The Garden of Unearthly Delights don’t miss this final Adelaide performance before Laura hits the road around Australia and beyond.

Bill Jackson

Bill Jackson is fast becoming known as one of Australia's finest songwriters within the country folk genre. Think Dylan, Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt all wrapped up in his most recent release – the critically acclaimed 'Jerilderie'. His previous full-length release 'Steel & Bone' was awarded Folk Alliance Australia 'Radio Presenters Album of the Year' in 2008 and he was invited to tour the US Alt Country hotspots later that same year with Peter Fidler and Ruth Hazleton. Many of his songs are co-written with his brother Ross and have been described as engaging, plainspoken and articulate - songs about Hank, Morphine, High Country Lovers and our shared common experiences. Jackson was invited back to showcase at the International Folk Alliance Convention in Memphis in both 2010 and 2011 and to play gigs at selected venues like The Bluebird Café in Nashville. He was nominated for an APRA Professional Development Award (Songwriting) in February 2011 and completed a third tour to the US that same year where he recorded ‘Jerilderie’ - released in February 2012 through Laughing Outlaw Records.

Bill Jackson – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Peter Fidler - Dobro, Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals
Ruth Hazleton - Clawhammer Banjo, Guitar, Vocals


Sounding like "Jeff Beck meets Ravi Shankar on the set of 'Oh! Brother Where Art Thou' while dancing in Rio!", they feature the sublime voice of Parvyn Kaur (plus Percussion & Indian Dance), Josh Bennett (Adelaide Fringe Award Nominee for Best Music). and Mandolinist Andrew Clermont, who is also a nutso Fiddler & Bluegrass Guitar Champ to boot!

They are distilled from a vibrant world touring history featuring twin Acoustic plus Electric & Nylon Guitars, Mandolin/ Mandola, 5 string Fiddle (the Violalin!), plectral Banjo, Sitar, Dilruba (bowed Sitar!), Tabla, Didgeribone with extensive harmonies & curious stories to be told. A twisting tale of gone Bluegrass/Celtic/ Blues/ Swing/ Jazz/ Indian adventure.


Heath Cullen

In 2012 a love of American music from the 1950s and 60s led Heath from his home in the hills of South Eastern New South Wales across the seas to the USA, and on a pilgrimage through the musical holy land of the American south, collecting stories and sounds with which to build his proverbial “difficult second” album. Along the way he also befriended legendary drummer Jim Keltner (John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams), guitarist Marc Ribot (Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss), and bassist Larry "The Mole" Taylor (of the famed Woodstock band Canned Heat, and also a longtime Waits collaborator).
Cullen and this hand picked ensemble set to work in a Los Angeles recording studio in the summer of 2012, recording live through the finest of analogue equipment, capturing the magic and spontaneity of music played together by people in a room. The resulting work is a joyous, playful, and sometimes dangerous celebration, lyrically recalling the salty visions and conversations of his debut “A Storm Was Coming But I Didn’t Feel Nothing”. More than a reflection of Cullen's sharp eye and poetic contemplation, his songs reflect a weary wisdom that seems impossible for his years - It's like something that came out of Big Pink - young men singing like old men.

Heath's SA performances will feature him in trio mode with the Waifs rhythm section David Ross MacDonald (drums) and Ben Franz (upright bass and pedal steel). “The Still And The Steep” is out March 11, 2013 through Fuse Music Group / Five By Nine Records.



Prepare to be wowed by Seneoz ! - a fiery group of drummers all united in their passion for African beats. Combined with a masterful acrobat, 'Drum Fiasco' is a magical and energetic fusion of traditional african drumming with a taste of modern circus flair.

The return of the one & only


A show not to be missed

Amazing accoustic soul & blues talent

Taking cues from soul greats such as Otis Redding and Sam Cooke John McNamara delivers an emotionally charged performance, with a mix of powerful vocals and fiery blues guitar.
John has worked as a Guitarist for local and international acts and appeared on programs such as Chanel 10's 'The Morning Show' , Rage & MTV.
John has found acoustic soul & blues to be the perfect showcase for his guitar playing and powerful voice. With a style and delivery that stays authentic to it's roots.

John kick started the publicity for the upcoming album at The Edinburgh Fringe in August 2012 playing daily shows as well as wowing audiences appearing regulary as a special guest for Michael Winslow (Police Academy star) mixing blues with beat box. He has recieved rave reviews throughout the festival and road tested his new material.

"So much Soul and Edge for a young Man. If you put Jonny Lang, Chris Robinson , Diesel and perhaps Me in a blender you'll get a powerful cocktail for sure. But nothing will prepare you for the new taste of old soul that is John McNamara." - ERIC MARTIN (Mr. big vocalist.)

"Soulful is rather an Understatement... Listeners were hypnotised into silence by his raw rustic tone... A beautiful purity to his voice." **** Broadway Baby -Edinburgh Fringe 2012

"Exceptional musical experience ... I felt nothing but a sense of privlige... A deeply satisfying show." **** Three Weeks -Edinburgh Fringe 2012



presented by
Dave, Kate & Tony

Songs, stories & film footage of the Australian bush & environment with Dave's gourmet damper


- Folk roots band from Melbourne -

Leading Little Wise is Sophie Klein, who is perhaps small in stature, but has nevertheless got big stories to tell and musical wisdom to impart. Klein is joined on the Ride Now Tour by Megan Bernard, who plays with gusto on her renowned turquoise blue Stratocaster, and Arlene Fletcher providing the backbones of the music on double and electric bass.
Reviews have pinned stand out songs as Red Guitar, a catchy number that makes reference to Melbourne’s popular Elwood beach and Ride Now that echoes sounds of The Waifs. This Melbourne collective is not bound strictly to the folk roots sound but with an injection of blues, soul, country and some keen pop sensibilities that provide a lasting depth and warmth to any room.
Inspired by the philosophy behind track Ride Now, they decided to venture off the well-worn touring path left before them, choosing to delve into some warm regional venues that will beautifully accompany the simplistic but intriguing offerings Little Wise has.S
upport band- TEA HOUSE FIRE

in Concert

Tara Carragher is a singer/songwriter based in Adelaide. She released an EP "Live and Die by Love" in January 2012 featuring a full band, which immediately reached number one on Adelaide radio station 3D. "What it really comes down to for us", says Tara "Is sharing our music and the joy that comes from that!"
She has performed tribute shows to Bob Dylan and Lucinda Williams at the 2011 and 2012 Adelaide Fringe festivals. She has supported artists such
as Charles Jenkins and Mia Dyson and played at festivals like the Backwater blues festival and Semaphore Music festival.
Tara received a nomination for 'Female Vocalist of the Year' in the 2012 South Australian Derringers music awards.

The Trio formed out of a long term musical collaboration with Accordion and Piano player Richard Coates (Huckleberry Swedes, Kelly Menhennett). Richard had worked with bass player Craig Kelly in Vorn Doolette's touring band and Craig also works with Laura Hill and Unitopia. Since it's inception, the band has worked hard to forge a sound which celebrates the Folk heritage of their Irish and Scottish ancestors but is also uniquely Australian and fresh.


6 weeks course commencing Sat 2nd Feb Saturdays 1-3pm. Cost = $25/class.

For bookings please call Karamba -
0425 065 967.

Bring your own drum or borrow/buy
one of ours.


Simon Hudson Band weaves a mesmerising fabric of lyrical folk songwriting on a bed of Latin and roots rhythms. As accomplished musicians with a wealth of experience and a solid following around Melbourne.

Simon Hudson’s musical life began when he was given a guitar by a friend for teaching him to play The Chicken Dance. But it was receiving a pair of drums that changed his life, starting a journey of percussion including study with African masters, performing at the Sydney Olympics, and playing for dance companies at national festivals. After a comprehensive grounding in world rhythms Simon hungered to incorporate these into his own music. After studying songwriting at NMIT in Melbourne, he formed a band to fuse his folk origins with the rhythms of Latin America and Africa.
With influences including The Cat Empire, Jose Gonzalez, Paul Simon and Neil Finn - the Simon Hudson Band are set to bring their unique brand of percussive lyrical songwriting to audiences around Australia and across the world.



will be playing at The Visitor's Centre in McLaren Vale for The Australia Day Breakfast from 8am. It is FREE.

(Check the City of Onkaparinga website for details.)

Saturday 26th January ... TOUR DOWN UNDER in McLaren Vale - The SINGING GALLERY will host music & food in the new GARDEN CAFE. The race starts outside The Singing Gallery on Main Rd

Contemporary Kirtan
Sacred World Music Concert

Shanti Sound Collective with guest
Andy Salvanos

Beautiful, sacred music in a sacred space..four hearts sharing their voices, their prayerful expression through song...
Multi instrumentalists Michelle & James Byrne, Natasha Luke and Andy McKechnie are Shanti Sound Collective, a four piece contemporary kirtan group, with four part harmonies and gorgeous arrangements of traditional Sanskrit mantras.
Opening the evening is Adelaide's Andy Salvanos, with hauntingly beautiful instrumental music on the Chapman Stick.


Mary Laslett

Mary is a singer songwriter, a sound worker, member of the Harmonic Project, a community singing group leader and a drama specialist. She is passionate about helping people to find their own voices and to step into their own divine power.

The afternoon will be a varied, entertaining and an uplifting experience. It will include:
Live performances of songs from the CD ‘Into One’ on electric Piano and Guitar.
-Information on sound vibration and healing.
-Mary will use her voice which can span 4 0ctaves to harmonizing with singing bowls and drum.

Presented by: Upstage Theatre

Travel back in time to the autumn of 1888, Whitechapel, London, where prostitution was rife.
The only entertainment was the Music Hall and "Jack The Ripper" was prowling the streets.
This original South Australian Premiere follows the last days of the five unfortunate wretches who became the "Rippers" victims.

A production featuring a great original script, musical score and lyrics. Upstage Theatre transports you back to a time when life was cheap and the women were cheaper.
Join Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson as they try to solve this century old mystery of "Who Was Jack The Ripper?"and why did he commit such horendous crimes.


$20.00 per person. Cabaret Setting.BYO Supper. Come dressed in your best Cockney or Toffs clothes and join in with the rollicking songs !

Phil Edgeley

Hailing from the UK multi instrumentalist, Singer Songwriter Phil Edgeley has a very individual take on the Blues/Folk n Roots genre, fusing his melodic British folk roots voice with a different kind of Delta tough, the lyrics compressed through the cold concrete of urban English street life.

Phil's continued rise in the Australian Music scene has seen him rub shoulders with many national and international artists such as Eugene Hideaway-Bridges, Ash Grunwald, Ian Moss, Tex Perkins, Jeff Lang, Backsliders, Bondi Cigars and Andrew Winton just to name a few.

Delivering songs in a dynamic and intense fashion on Acoustic, Resophonic and Weissenborn guitars using fingerpicking, slide and multiple rhythms to keep things cooking, whether it's one of his originals or if he slicing and dicing a Robert Johnson classic.

That's the thing with Phil, you never quite know where he's going to take you next, but one thing for sure is that the journey is always worth the ride.

Eli Wolfe

Eli Wolfe is back from overseas to launch his high-spirited new EP - written and recorded in Los Angeles and Sydney.

2012 saw Eli perform to full houses across Canada and Germany, help launch a national youth campaign promoting respectful relationships in Australia, and release "Cards are on the table"which debuted at number one on community radio, and includes a song that recently featured on classic cartoon comedy Futurama.

The AU Review on Eli's performance at Canadian Music Festival 2012 said, "outstanding...his roots-centric guitar playing stupidly impressive, especially when he ripped out an epic instrumental number, props."

A self-taught left-handed guitarist, Eli is a truly diverse artist, blending his renowned heartfelt and sincere vocals with driving grooves making for an original, cosmic, high-spirited, epic sound.

Playing on 6 and 12-string and classical guitars, Eli's music ranges from tender and fragile melodies to vibrant and phenomenal instrumentals.

Tombstone String Band

Well hello there pardner! Tie your horse to the rail and step inside the saloon doors – mind them fiddles now.Tombstone String Band is brought to you by a bunch of mighty fine seasoned musicians - Jamie Baldwin (Bluegrass Junction), Terry Ford (Highly Strung), Jeri Foreman (Andrew Clermonts Supper Club), Diana Fusco (The Cowtippers) and Rick Hunt (The Cowtippers).

take bluegrass, country ballads and old time string band music and offer it up in a style that is distinctively Tombstone. With the magic created by twin fiddles alongside banjo, guitar, mandolin and double bass, Tombstone is one band you’ll kick yerself in the britches if you miss!

Andy & Marta

Inspired by the folk musicians of the 50's and 60's, Andy & Marta are a captivating duo who have crafted their own unique style. With their versatility extending from traditional ballads to catchy tune reminiscent of the twenties and thirties, their hooky melodies and exquisite harmonies will make your ears feel good.

Siobhan Owen
Celtic Singer / Harpist

Prepare to be mesmerised by Siobhan's haunting vocals and delicate harp playing. Siobhan was born in Wales to a Welsh father and Irish mother and moved to Australia when she was 2. She began classical voice training aged 9 and started accompanying herself on harp about 4 years ago. Siobhan has performed in major festivals, concerts, recitals and live radio shows throughout Australia. In June this year Siobhan proudly represented her birth country by singing the Welsh National Anthem at the Australia versus Wales rugby test match at Allianz Stadium Sydney.
Next year Siobhan will make her UK and US debuts, with a number of concerts in Wales, England and Ireland in January, and headlining the Los Angeles St David’s Day Welsh Festival in March.
Siobhan’s fourth album “Storybook Journey” was released in June to great acclaim. Tracks from the album have been broadcast by local, national and international radio stations. The most notable of these were ABC Classic FM and BBC Radio Wales, where it was featured as album of the week.
Siobhan will be supported by multi-instrumentalist Quentin Eyers, who produced this stunning album.


Rich Batsford
- Mindfulmess -

Meditative solo piano and inspiring songs. A rewarding and engaging performance of beautiful, meditative solo piano music and inspiring songs. Reflections on the early stages of a journey, exploring how to live a spiritually fulfilling life in a modern, rational world. Rich's meditative piano music is a delightful blend of minimalism and melody recalling Einaudi, Debussy and Glass. With just enough repetition of each delightful motif to draw the listener in, the organic, yet purposeful structures lead to moments of calm reflection, bittersweet joy and uplifting climax.
His songs combine enchanting melody with ethereal vocals, thoughtful, reflective lyrics and sensitive piano accompaniment.


There are many famous duos in history made up of lovers, warring husbands and wives, and siblings who'd cut each other's throats if it didn't mean losing it all...then there's Sarah and Marcel, who became friends on the road during a national tour with Dan Warner in the winter of 2006.
Music lovers, sonic siblings, each happily married to another; but something special happens on stage between these two, and it's born of mutual admiration, a vision of each other as essential to make the whole, and a sense of fun which overarches everything they do.
The songs are sweet, biting and wry; they deal with heartaches, dreams and politics, and feature Marcel's superb guitar playing, Sarah's faultless rhythms, and the kind of harmony singing that leaves their audiences breathless.


is a student of music & a passionate performer, writing her own contemporary, original songs. Her influences are rock, blues & alternative pop. She really sings out, accompanying herself with finger picking guitar.

Heth & Howie
Heather Hume-Tomlinson & Howard Tomlinson are newbies to the music scene. Heather is studying a commercial music course including song writing & recording. A gutsy performer, her heart's desire to sing is coming to fruition! Her musical influences are eclectic in nature covering the 60's, 70's & 80's pop/rock/blues. Howard plays both acoustic & electric guitar & continues to study his passion. Together they rock!

Songs with Legs

Songs with Legs is a new folk duo aka Fay White and Jane Thompson. They've been described by folk music authority Keith McHenry (National Folk Festival) as "two of Central Victoria's singing treasures who are loved and respected individually as singers and songmakers. When they blend their voices together in glorious harmony the experience is exhilarating. They stand tall in any musical company and I cannot recommend them too highly."

Fay and Jane bring to their musical partnership a passion, warmth and intimacy borne of a lifetime commitment to song. They also bring to their performances a singularly 'womanly' perspective, with a depth of feeling that only comes with maturity. They are a rare and precious addition to the community of folk musicians in Australia. They have a passion for songs with heart, telling stories of life as it is, devoid of media hype or phony sentiment. Their songs are poignant, funny, wise, ironic, topical and moving, born of authentic connection to people and place. They accompany themselves with an eclectic combination of guitar, accordion, flute, tin whistle, ukulele and percussion - and with stories!

The Bearded Gypsy Band

After touring Queensland, NSW and Victoria this year, and performing at the Illawarra Folk Festival, Fringe Festival , WOMADelaide, Brunswick Music Festival, National Folk Festival and the Apollo Bay Music Festival, The Bearded Gypsy Band are looking forward to pumping out some energetic dance tunes at the Singing Gallery. Having been selected as one of 'Rip It Up's 2012 Hot Six', The Bearded Gypsy Band couldn't be happier with their year so far.
At WOMADelaide The Bearded Gypsy Band performed "an astonishingly virtuoso set for an ecstatic crowd. Their prodigious skills produced a finessed performance that musicians with fifty years experience could well envy."

"frenetic brand of gypsy-inspired music has won them rave reviews around the country."
(The Mercury (NSW) 19 Dec 2011)

Spiral Dance

Fresh from the release of their new album entitled 'Through a Sylvan Doorway', the band's eighth album in their 17 year history. Veterans of both National and International tours, Spiral Dance presents an eclectic blend of traditional folk-rock with powerful self-penned songs and tunes. Rousing melodies intertwine with mythical tales that will spirit you into the realms of magick and the mists of ancient time - music that will rock your ancestors! Adrienne's haunting lyrics are supported by evocative fiddle, intoxicating guitar riffs and groovy accordion lines, underpinned with potent bass and dynamic percussion, all carefully arranged to blend acoustic folk-rock with lush Celtic harmony, creating an almost tangible musical aura that envelopes the audience.

Come to the Singing Gallery for something a little bit different, as Spiral Dance downsize their drum kit, switch off their amplifiers, pull out the guitar leads and perform their songs unplugged in this beautiful acoustic setting!

Les Gitans Blancs

Descriptively, the musical group: “Les Gitans Blancs” is a synergy of personalities/musicians of garish milieu, both in ethnicity as well as in musical provenience: From the combination of classical, pop, rock, ethnic folk and jazz influences to Croatian, Italian, Czech, English and Prussian background.
Their repertoire represents a reflection of the general “spirit of the moment” performing on acoustic instruments infectious tunes that, (better than any iPod ever could) get into your ear and straight into your tapping legs, clapping hands and snapping fingers.
That mixed bag of capturing timeless melodies that the seniors will recognize, the juniors will appreciate and the teenagers will hum, frequently is pigeonholed with the epithets of Manouche swing, Gypsy Jazz or simply World music, (whatever that means),… they just call it music.
Strong influence of musicians such as: Django Reinhardt, Stephan Grapelli, Bireli Lagrene, Florin Niculescu, Dorado and Tchavolo Schmitt, Angelo Debarre, Richard Galliano, Didier Lockwood, Stochelo Rosenberg, and composers – well known like Piazzola, Gardel and Monti as well as unknown ones that gave us some immortal traditional tunes.


Who can forget Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd, Procol Harum, Rick Wakeman, David Bowie?
The symphonic wall of sound is back with

Zychorelic is progressive rock aimed at recreating the music that lifted the spirits.
The Oxford Companion to Music states that progressive rock explored extended musical structures which involved intricate instrumental patterns and textures and often esoteric subject matter Additionally, the arrangements often incorporated elements drawn from classical, jazz, and later world music. Instrumentals were common, while songs with lyrics were sometimes conceptual, abstract, or based in fantasy

Despite the progressive rock being over 40 years old it commands a strong following with many age groups today offering not just nostalgia but new creative and inspiring experiences.
Our aim is to establish a regular venue with bi-monthly performances through which we can establish following of progressive rock enthusiasts.

Zychorelic is a ‘flexible ensemble’ of very experienced musicians who have performed at many of the most popular music venues throughout South Australia.

Summer Holiday

Tired of chasing umbrellas ? Sick of rain you 'know' is good for you ? Feeling the weight of your overcoat? For one night only, winter is officially banished, birds are chirping, surf's up and balmy breezes gently blow cares away. Come to a land where 'the sun shines brightly, the sea is blue, and you can do the things you always wanted to....'

Featuring a Pandora's box of talent queuing up to steal the show. Heavenly voices call and ukulele magic is in the air. It's time to get your ear trumpet dusted off.

There is a silent movie for old times sake, and a rock 'n roll beach party, so don't forget to wear your blue suede shoes.


Warm up your winter with a taste of Scotland.

Sit back and enjoy the much-loved music of Scotland performed by Melbourne band Taliska, featuring Colin MacLeod, Geoff Jones, Marcus de Rijk and Claire Patti.
Taliska weave musical magic through songs and airs with soaring harmonies, and then roar enthusiastically to life with sprightly, foot-tapping jigs and reels.
Playing the much loved music of Scotland to sell-out audiences at Cygnet Folk Festival, the Boite and other concert venues, Taliska have had audiences so transfixed one could hear a pin drop as they weave musical magic through songs and airs, then roar to life with their foot-tapping jigs and reels.
Taliska are Colin MacLeod (fiddle), Geoff Jones (pipes/whistles), Marcus de Rijk (vocals/guitar) and Claire Patti (vocals/harp).


Acclaimed Irish singer-songwriter Roesy has moved to Melbourne,bringing with him a canon of instant classics influenced by the age-old Irish guilds of story telling and folk song. Roesy’s record speaks for itself with six albums and ten years of extensive touring throughout the US and Europe under his belt. In his home country, Roesy was nominated Best New Irish Act in the 2004 Meteor Music Awards and in the Trad/Folk category of the Hot Press Awards 2005. His song Potosi Mine was included in the Diamond Mountain Session Presents…. Compilation CD, also featuring Sinead O’Connor, Steve Earle, Natalie Merchant and Sharon Shannon. Refreshingly devoid of pretension or cliché, Roesy’s music is best appreciated in a live setting.

"…impressive musical talent and overwhelming passion" (Faster Louder)
"Roesy was a standout for me at Woodford. We only gave him three gigs but as it turned out, our audiences would have been much happier had there been six. Solo performers rarely cut it at Woodford, Roesy did…there’s just that bit of magic in his music. It’s to do with that blarney blood; Irish artists reinventing, Roesy is one of those” (Bill Hauritz, Festival Director – Woodford Folk Festival)

Instrumental Sounds of Bliss
This peaceful and inspiring evening of beautiful instrumental music invites you to
connect with that special journey on which sonic sounds can take us.

Featuring: The Moor Rose combining bouzouki, cello, flutes and vocals in their superb blend of world acoustic alt-folk. All the way from Sydney, we are joined by Prabhu OSONIQS who will grace us with his beautiful hang drum for an enchanting sonic ride. James Byrne will perform flowing and melodic pieces with his handmade Cosmic Tone Instruments. Also making a guest appearance on the night is Heather Frahn bringing her soaring vocals and Himalayan singing bowls.

Share this blissful music with friends and family in an intimate setting at The Singing Gallery. The fires will be burning so it's warm and cosy, and a special winter chai tea will be available as a special treat!

- Mothers Day Show -
Under The Guava Tree

Laura Hill
with special guests

Doors open at 2pm

Dingo's Breakfast
Oz Music & Poetry Band

Three veterans of the Australian music scene, Roger Montgomery, John Angliss and Bruce Boyd make up the Dingo's Breakfast Trio, the core of the six to ten piece 'Dingo's Breakfast Oz Music and Poetry Band' , but it's hard to find funds to ferry six to ten people across the Nullarbor each year, and back. So, for the past five years these three Western Australians have invaded the Eastern States Music festivals, carving a niche for themselves with an entertaining mix of some excellent traditional and Contemporary Australian songs, married with a fine slab of performance poetry, delivered with humour and style. From Burke and Wills to Cobargo, St Albans to Mt Beauty and now they're branching out to a venue near you. Namely the famous Singing Gallery

Graham Wilson

"Graham Wilson is an extremely accomplished Scottish guitarist and singer with an easy and engaging stage manner who was prominent on the British folk scene before he left the UK to emigrate to Perth, Australia, half a dozen years ago. He tends to seek out great songs from the lesser known British contemporary folk writers, and, interspersed with deft instrumentals (that's 'deft', not 'daft') these make very fresh and interesting sets worthy of any folk club or festival stage around the world. He was the opening act for this year's Burke & Wills Folk Festival, and instantly established a high standard for what was to follow for the weekend." - Andrew Pattison (Burke and Wills Folk Festival Director)
"I heard Graham Wilson sing at Glen Helen in Central Australia and I want more!" His music is as stark and raw as the mountains of Central Australia and those of his native Scotland. There is an authenticity to Graham that is very rare nowadays: a fine entertainer." - Ted Egan

Aleyce Simmonds &
Kristy Cox

Two of Australia’s most promising performers are joining forces to present a show not to be missed. Both these talented singer/songwriters have picked up a mountain of awards for their releases proving that they are two rising stars to keep an eye on.
Kristy has just released her brand new album ‘Miles and Timezones’ which is already receiving rave reviews from around the country. The album has already awarded Kristy with a TSA award and features current charting single ‘Little Bit of Wonderful’. Originally from South Australia, Kristy recently showcased her new songs at the Americana Music festival in the USA after gaining 3 top 10 radio hits in the Australian Country scene in 2010. “Ms Cox’s soaring vocals and arresting delivery mark her among an elite handful of Australia’s foremost female singers.” - Denise Torrenbeek, Country Update.
Aleyce recently gained three finalist nominations in the 2012 CMAA Country Music Awards of Australia for her debut album ‘Pieces of Me’ produced by leading Producer/Musician Rod McCormack. Her career was off to a bright start when she won the 2005 Telstra Road to Tamworth which lead to a development record deal with Sony Music Australia. Part of the prize was a trip to Nashville to record her first single ‘Mighty Mighty Love’ which quickly climbed the Country Tracks Top 30 chart, with the music video reaching #1 on the Country Music Channel. Turning heads from a young age, Aleyce’s talent was awarded ‘Female Rising Star’ at the 2011 Australian Independent Country Music Awards of Australia. “Not only is Miss Simmonds Vocally enchanting but she has the courage to bare her soul lyrically. Fresh, contemporary female country as it should sound.” - Matt Lawrence - Fairfax Media

Unsung Heroes of Australian History

This innovative musical chronology spans the years since European settlement in Australia. So many people have quietly made their mark and helped to form this fortunate nation.
Moira Tyers, Bruce Watson, Neil Robertson and Wendy Ealey introduce some of the less known characters who helped shape this fledgling nation. The show is performed with a narration and audio visual display and has received warm and enthusiastic responses from audiences.

"With exquisite attention to their craft, Moira Tyers and her players tune in to Australian History, rescuing some long-forgotten stories from obscurity, and breathing new life into other more familiar iconic tales. Gutsy, political, refractory and lyrical, Unsung Heroes is sure to be enjoyed by a new generation of music lovers who want to see meat on the bones of the past. These songs drip with the satisfying juices of solid research, spirited lyrics and sublime artistry. A musical and historical feast!" Dr Clare Wright, Historian Author Broadcaster, Honorary Research Fellow, La Trobe University

Nigel Wearne

Nigel is an alt-country/folk singer-songwriter whose music has an intimate and poignant narrative. Equipped with personally handcrafted guitars, his music melds finger-style guitar, honky tonk, country twang and honest storytelling. With a hint of Bob Dylan and influences including Hank Williams, Townes Van Zandt and the spirit of Woody Guthrie, Nigel Wearne tells stories of mischievous bank robbers, wandering poets and his love of eggs.
Nigel has performed at various music festivals including the Port Fairy Folk Festival, Tablelands Folk Festival, Gulgong Folk Festival, Queenscliff Music Festival and the Mount Beauty Music Festival. In his debut performance at The Singing Gallery, Nigel will be performing tracks from his current album 'Sweetest Delusion'. The album is an entirely acoustic affair - ‘the kind of music that really speaks and it'd be a shame not to listen' (Forte Magazine).

Cal Williams Jr
& Emily Davis

Daniel Champagne

Daniel's brilliant live performances here and internationally have seen him sell thousands of albums at shows and festivals around the world, including the Vancouver and Mariposa Folk Festivals, Salmon Arm Roots & Blues Festival (Canada) and Belgium’s Labadoux Festival and have resulted in a fast growing word-of-mouth awareness here and overseas of this talented young musician.

This year Daniel Champagne will appear at some of our major festivals, including Port Fairy & Woodford Folk Festival and Blues Fest, and an invitation to support US Folk Music legend Judy Collins on her recent Australian tour.
His new album 'Real Live' is a six track ep recorded over the past year at live shows across the country featuring a collection of new songs, new versions of old songs and a couple of covers he has been carrying around since first setting out on tour at the tender age of 18. ‘Real Live’ captures the energy and spirit of Daniel's ‘show-stopping’ live performance, honed over more than four years on the road.

Nick Charles

In a critically acclaimed career going back more than 25 years, Nick Charles has released a dozen albums on the major Australian roots music labels. Since his solo journey began in 1999 he has garnered substantial critical acclaim for a series of releases on Black Market Music, beginning with “My Place” and now his most recent albums, “Closer to Home” and “Return of the Travelling Fingerpicker”. Averaging nearly 150 shows a year in Australia, New Zealand and the USA, his music encompasses an eclectic mix of acoustic roots including blues, folk and early ragtime jazz.

With his trademark dazzling fingerpicking on 6 and 12 string guitars, stinging slide and a lifetime’s stories and songs from the musical highway it’s a show that sees him labelled by The Age as “Australia’s virtuoso of acoustic roots and blues” and by Australian Guitar magazine as “an awesome talent!”

The Timbers

THE TIMBERS’ thumping rhythms and big misty mountain melodies will cast you away to the sweaty, smoky, melting-pot of roots, folk, and Celtic bushman punk. Their explosive start in the Adelaide music scene is worthy recognition of this bands ability to marry exceptional musicianship with highly accomplished songwriting. Hailing from far away lands such as Kangaroo Island, Tasmania, the Riverland, and the Adelaide Hills, the four members have worked tirelessly together to create a unique high energy musical experience.

Junior Bowles

With a 2011 WAMi award under his belt and a Vinyl only debut release under the other, W.A. artist Junior Bowles is not to be missed. Jnr was soaked in the pre-war blues as a kid and grew up naturally with a keen taste for the hard road and organic music... Sounding like something in between an eclectic 1920’s blues rambler and a modern day, unconventional, instrumentalist Bon Iver. Junior expresses an old fashioned attitude, raw and honest lyrics represent his soulful heart on his sleeve approach to life, love and sound. Junior’s record currently sits on #8 in the Australian Blues charts for radio.

Mike Lyons Trio The Other Side
Mike Lyons, vocals
Eliza Benson, guitar and vocals
John McCarthy, guitar and vocals

In 2007 guitarist John McCarthy teamed with vocalist Mike Lyons to perform jazz and original music.

Joined by Eliza Benson on vocals and guitar, the group will present a series of performances during the Adelaide Fringe Festival. The Other Side performs jazz standards from the 20’s, 30’s 40’s and 50’s and original music by John McCarthy and Eliza Benson. Their original music has jazz, blues, country, rock and folk influences and often comments on topical contemporary issues. The group has performed at the Wagga Wagga and Moruya Jazz Festivals, Canberra Floriade, Tamworth Country Music Festival and various venues in and around Canberra.

An Exotic Persian Concert

Kashkul is a traditional Persian music ensemble performing original compositions by Behnoosh Aryanpad, inspired by the ancient modes and Poems of Iran.

The sublime melodies set to classical and contemporary poetry are brought to life by Shiva’s exquisite voice and supported by tar, bam tar, kamanche , ney and daf.


Greetings music lovers, we are Pieter Kruger, Bill MacRae and Carol Ann Payne the name of band is a medical term meaning a conduit of nerves I guess that is what this band is about A BUNDLE OF NERVES we have come from a variety of music backgrounds...
... we also have Cameron Arbuckle who plays drum on some of the songs, Nicki Kruger who plays bass on 3 songs and Eddie Kruger who play drums on our recordings in South Africa.
The Sound:
At the core of Plexuz' music beats a heart of rock and roll, tapped out with cowboy boots and bongo drums to melodies of new wave synth-pop. You could say that it is a diverse sound and you wouldn't be wrong!
South Africa:
Curently we have set up a studio in Cape Town where we have been adding the final touches to "the Human Condition" albumn.

Tea & Damper Show

Dave Clark and Kate Townsend amaze with their vocal harmonies and skills on banjo, guitar, ukulele, piano accordion, piano and concertina. Tony Wight, a brilliant storyteller, captures the essence of the Australian bush with stories drawn from the works of famous poets such as C J Dennis, Henry Lawson and others. This show will appeal to all ages.
The Singing Gallery has bar facilities, so you may enjoy a local wine or beer with the performance.


With her atmospheric re-workings of Australian Folk songs, Jenny M Thomas creates a genre all to herself. As the title implies, Bush Gothic is Australian history, darkly told.
"Frankly wars could have exploded, governments imploded, revolutions sparked and faded, Shane Warne could have proposed, the trains could have run on time. I have been deaf to it all. Who do I have to thank for this interregnum?"

Melbourne trio, Jenny M. Thomas and The System. Bush Gothic takes your breath away. It's a work bold, inspired and beautiful in its intensity. Thomas, plus two, have taken the foundations of a folk library and built a new architecture.' National Times

Video of the band playing live on 'The Music Show', ABC Radio National
Read album review from the National Times

Chris Finnen
Colin Offord

Australasian blues, swamp boogie and
Country & Eastern world music

"Extraordinary singing meets brilliant guitar playing and wild original instruments"
Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald

"Beautiful and unusual music, easy to listen to but difficult to characterize"
Jane Rickards, The China Post

Colin Offord - Youtube
Chris Finnen - Youtube

The Beggars
Handmade Australian Music

Renee was born on the family farm in Esperance in Western Australia. Hard times forced her family off the land and she moved to Adelaide where she met Quinton and Stuart who had had been on the road in a travelling bands. They formed The Beggars in 2006.
Their Aussie sound caught the ears of European DJs who introduced them to millions of listeners putting the band on top 10 charts across the E.U. Their stage presence and style have taken them around the world and continues to gain them fans in many countries.
“the best Australian vocal band since the Seekers” (Normie Rowe).
“10/10 I have always said that there's some great music coming from down under and this is a fine example!!” Metrocountry [UK]
“For a comparison I have to think of song writing greats such as Johnny Cash or Van Morrison.” [Germany]

Munro, O'Callaghan, Titchener

Three of Adelaide’s premier folk musicians have banded together to bring a new talent-filled trio to the acoustic music scene.
John Munro, Mike O’Callaghan and Pete Titchener, all well respected musicians in their own right, are on a musical journey making a new sound for themselves.
It was internationally successful folk band Colcannon that brought these musicians together. After 21 years of harmonies Colcannon put down their instruments only to be picked up again a short while later by three good friends: Munro, O’Callaghan and Titchener.
But these are not just highly respected, talented musicians. Each member also brings with him an impressive catalogue of original songs and arrangements.
That leaves one final element that comes together on stage. The chemistry between the three ‘old boys’ spills out into the audience and it’s the atmosphere of a Munro, O’Callaghan and Titchener that has people talking long after the performance is over.

& The Fiddle Chicks

The Fiddle Chicks started out as a musical experiment, creating a unique minimalist sound. From their inspiring originals to unique arrangements of songs from the rich heritage of folk music, The Fiddle Chicks have proven themselves to be one of SA’s most endearing and original acts. Their musical style ranges from Traditional Celtic, European, Gypsy, Blues and Roots and American Folk, but it is their original compositions and rich fiddle soundscapes utilising some clever digital effects, which really shine through. Winners of APRA’s 2008 “Emily Burrows Award” & 8 SA Folk Awards 2006-8.

Alanna & Alicia

Twin sister singer/songwriters Alanna & Alicia have charmed audiences from Port Fairy to the National FF with their own special blend of folk/jazz/roots songs, their onstage warmth and humor, and their beautiful new album, ‘Two in a Book'.
Known for their fine songwriting and sweet harmonies, both girls have won several awards at national festivals and been finalists in the Australian Songwriting Awards on several occasions.
Their band features fine guitarist Damien Neil and the talented Michelle Meehan on violin.
'deliciously idiosyncratic and saucy songs...wry, frank observations of life and love…quality quirky lyrics delivered with verve and the kind of close harmonies you'd expect from sisters…consummate backing.'
Tony Hillier, Rhythms magazine 2010.

Kristina Olsen

Katrina is one of the most entertaining and compelling performers on the international folk circuit. A superb multi-instrumentalist (acoustic guitar, steelbody slide guitar, saxophone, concertina and piano) as well as an award-winning
songwriter with a big bluesy voice, Kristina has audiences around the world coming back for more. Her mix of powerful songs ranging from sassy bottleneck blues to lilting ballads to swing jazz to raunch and roll (as well as her hilarious storytelling) makes for a diverse and satisfying musical experience, on stage and on disc.

More info:



Andrew Winton

To coincide with the December 2nd release of his highly anticipated fourth studio album, Happy, Andrew Winton will be performing live at venues across the country.
Gaining world-wide recognition for his stellar lap-slide guitar playing and unique instrument designs, one of Australia’s hardest working independent musicians sets out to celebrate an Aussie summer and live music with his one-of-a-kind performances.
An Andrew Winton live show covers everything from rootsy infectious grooves to altcountry melancholic rambles, old-school blues to beatboxing and loops, lyrically and melodically beautiful folk to jazz-influenced acoustic guitar wizardry and everything in between! Andrew features an array of unique lap guitars, including the Lucky 13 doubleneck13-string lap guitar made for him by Don’t Fret Instruments (Alabama, USA) – come to a show and find out how this beautiful cypress tree root from the Sipsey River became the only lap guitar of its kind on the planet!

Bollywood Concert

The Singing Gallery goes Bollywood on Saturday 19th November. We have some amazing dancers coming in their fabulous costumes to give us a taste of India.It all commences at 4pm so please bring the whole family.

Watch Mudra captivate you with hersweeping hand gestures. Sunaina will sweep you off your feet with her grace and charm. Flourish Tribal in their glittering outfits will have you clapping for more. Plus Kashante will be leading a group of male dancers featurung Dave, Jim and Negi.
Kate Towsend will helping run the show.


Vikingo De Jerez

Vikingo De Jerez AKA Rowland Schultz is a self taught prodigy of the flamenco guitar, having had no formal teacher he has reached the highest level of guitar-artistry in Australian Flamenco and creates original flamenco guitar compositions in the Gipsy style that are recognized internationally. His Debut album "Buleriando" (launched at The Basement in Sydney January 2011) has led to excellent worldwide reviews and incredible amounts of international recognition. Maestro Antonio Vargas describes Vikingo de Jerez’s technique and Aire (flamenco feeling) at an untouchable level in Australasia and foresees a great future for him in the world of Flamenco. Continuing the 2011 “Buleriando” National Tour Vikingo de Jerez returns to Adelaide to perform at The Singing Gallery with his new group in the lead up to a new album and national - international tour in 2012. The new all-star group features the Vanguards of Gipsy Flamenco living in Australia including international artist : Gipsy Flamenco singer El Titi de Algeciras (Spain) and Flamenco dancer Laura Uhe + Company (Melbourne) and Flamenco percussionist Shaun Doddy (Adelaide)


Monsoon Dreaming
A Journey from the Ganges to Bollywood

Presented by an Adelaide based
electrifying group of musicians:


Akhter Jahan: Award winning, EMI recordist, WOMADelaide Performer, on vocals and harmonium

Quentin Eyers: Well-known all-rounder musician on several instruments

Jay Dabgar: South Australia’s Tabla Maestro

Happy Dilruba: Vocal support

Aunamika: Dancer

This group will hypnotize you with music ranging from the transcendental, through earthy folk to electrifying Bolliwood music & dance.

The Little Stevies

After stepping back onto Australian soil three weeks ago - exhausted and battered from two months touring Canada, driving over 10,000km, playing 34 shows and 5 festivals across 5 provinces - The Little Stevies have kicked off their shoes, had themselves a hot tub (separately), slammed down a full bottle of multi-vitamins (collectively), and are ready to get straight back into doing what they do best; playing their hearts out and bantering about their adventures.
Following the release of their new album ‘Attention Shoppers’ in Australia in March, The Little Stevies signed a North American record deal with 45 Records/Universal and released the album over there in July. The band were humbled with the reception they received. The first single ‘Accidentally’ was added to rotation on CBC (Canada) as well as receiving play on a heap of AAA stations across the USA. They played to packed out audiences at their festival shows, including their final Canadian performance on the main stage at the Ottawa Folk Festival to more than 3,000 people, winning over the raucous crowd with their luscious three-part harmonies, witty banter and true Aussie charm.

Dave and Woody Clark
and other invited guests

Woody, now 33 years old, was a budding ukulele player who loved chocolate pudding when this photo was taken. I was a long haired hippy. He is now a multi instrumentalist playing beautiful guitar & double bass & singing mean harmonies. Whilst on sabbatical from The Little Yarra Steiner School in the Yarra Ranges of Victoria he will be helping out with constructions & concerts at The Singing Gallery. Nic, his girlfriend and his children Tali, Safin & Jayda will be at the concert too. The kids will be performing an original song of their own. Other friends & family will be sharing the stage with us.

The concert will feature many of the songs I composed in the 70’s and 80’s like East West Truckies the first song I wrote in 1972 whilst teaching at Penong on the West Coast and The Crocodile Song written in Kakadu while on a Northern Territory tour for The Arts Council plus a selection of my
environmental songs like Roll on Wild Rivers. Woody will present some music from a more modern genre plus songs he has written with his students about the Victorian Bushfires. Also in the mix a few songs from the Tea and Damper Music Club at Wattle Park Teachers College in the 60’s.

It promises to be a wonderful nostalgic, musical evening.

and the

Join Michelle and James Byrne for a beautiful evening of mantra singing, delicate dance and a moon meditation just after the October full moon
Light supper and herbal teas provided.

For more info:

Look At This


Jan Preston

Jan Preston, the knockout boogie woogie pianist with the rich resonant voice, captures audiences with her mastery of boogie woogie and honky-tonk piano style.

Known as Australia's Queen of the Boogie Piano, she has a reputation as a magnetic live performer, has won many music Awards, and plays festivals and concerts throughout Australia, NZ, and Europe.

Jan has recently been described in the press as ‘an inspirational and gifted pianist, performer and entertainer with grace, unbelievable dexterity, warmth and poignancy…..a remarkable evening that touched us all and will not soon be forgotten.’

She also writes music for film and TV, and Jan’s piano composition was used as the theme to ABC TV’s Australian Story for 6 years. She will soon be appearing on ABC TV’s Spicks and Specks.


Kazband performs stunning original and traditional Gypsy and Klezmer-inspired music, encompassing the excitement of Eastern European traditions. Composer and violinist Karen Kyriakou teams up with Jason Day (clarinet), Stephen Stanisic (accordion) and Luke Richardson (bass), to create a vivid musical adventure through stories and tunes…
Having released their debut album ‘Cockroach and other stories...’ to much media acclaim in 2007, Kazband have been performing regularly at festivals, concerts, folk clubs, markets, radio and more...
Karen won the Tim Wheelan Port Fairy Tune Writing Competition in 2005 with tune ‘Cockroach’, the title track of their debut album, still receiving regular airplay across Australia. Kazband was also the ‘Runner Up’ in the 2005 MusicOz Awards for ‘Best World Music Group’

Pugsley Buzzard

If you love a bit of Louis Armstrong with a dash of Dr John and Tom Waits then catch a performance of this unique song man and piano player. Pugsley’s shows are exciting and captivating. You’ll love his huge mesmerizing voice and dazzling piano playing all delivered with a vaudevillian nuance and humour. Pugsley’s music spans the entire spectrum from dark hoodoo blues musings to good time rollicking boogie fuelled piano romps that never fail to get people stompin’ and shakin’ that thang. Just back from his USA tour, Pugsley is a fascinating and versatile songwriter who also enjoys interpreting classic R& B, Jazz and Popular tunes giving them his own fresh and unique treatment.
Pugsley`s playing features Barrelhouse, Boogie, Stride piano stylings dripping with New Orleans funk and oozing with tantalizing improvisations which range from delicate and moody to wild and ecstatic.

Check out:


Ruby for Lucy

One day, with two guitars and shiny voices, Ruby for Lucy set about making songs that they wished to hear. And one day, there was a knock at the door – upon opening they found a present! Ruby for Lucy shook the box and to their surprise, an audience fell out! “What a lovely gift”, they cried, “A smiling audience with ears and EVERYTHING”. Encouraged, they set about making more songs that they wished to hear.



Support Acts:


Hallelujah brothers and sisters!
Let the wild horses drag you
from the lighthouse and have
the time of your life.
Watch over me and Julio as
we bop the blues.
Take it easy with
Donna Prusa & Ian Woods



Acoustic duo 22"

has a repertoire ranging from folk to pop, with a strong focus on Australian music. Kirsten Ifould's unique voice blends with Tony Becker's stylish guitar to give a unique spin on both old and new favourites, with quality original music thrown into the mix.

Walk a Mile

An awesome concert of talent and love

Folk, Roots, Blues and World Music mixin’ it up for compassionate work
The Conscious Music Movement presents ‘Walk A Mile’ - a concert for compassion, celebrating the selfless work given for the benefit of others. 20% of proceeds raised from ‘Walk A Mile’ will be donated to Australian charities SWAGS for Homeless, and With Compassion & Soul to help assist their work.

Featured Performers:

Heather Frahn is an acclaimed singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who presents with deep and mighty vocals. Heather’s lyrics and music promote peace and a global community as part of the Conscious Music Movement.

Chris Finnen is one of Australia's best guitarists in any genre, but he excels when playing the blues. An uplifting performer and South Australian musical treasure.

Jigme Namgyal performs original songs about his beloved mother land, Tibet. A master with Tibetan instruments and vocals, he is a performer bound to open your heart.

The Wandering Minstrels combine the divine vocal harmonies of Kira Starseed and Dylan James with a funky and energetic stage presence, and lyrics to inspire your consciousness!


Eleanor McEvoy

Eleanor McEvoy is one of Ireland’s most accomplished female singer/songwriters. Respected as a fine multi-instrumentalist in both traditional and contemporary music, she is best known for writing “Only A Woman’s Heart”, the title track of an anthology album that’s gone on to be the best selling recording in Irish History. Eleanor’s strong Irish accent adds to her renditions of her quirky, perceptive songs, ranging from love ballads and story-telling to left-of-centre takes on the vagaries of life. Her song “Sophie” about a girl suffering anorexia has become an internet phenomenon with over 1,500,000 hits on YouTube. “I’d Rather Go Blonde” is Eleanor’s eighth album in a twenty year career and features eleven new songs, nine of which were penned by McEvoy, one by former Beautiful South man Dave Rotheray and, finally, there’s a cover of “Good Times” by Sam Cooke. Never one to shy away from the big issues, this album sees McEvoy tackling themes such as alienation, hypocrisy, recent Irish history and romance. Eleanor will be touring Australia in May/June 2011 to promote her new album.

More info:

Chris Wilson
Sarah Carroll
The Yearlings

The Yearlings songs rock, sad and slow like a chair on an old wooden porch. Robyn and Chris combine a sunset voice and a heart wood guitar to make a river of sound that winds its way past the hustle and flows back into the country.


They may be sharing the stage but when it comes to mechanical Olivetti DORAs and Hermes Baby Swiss mades, sometimes drummer for The Waifs turned tunesmith David Ross Macdonald and the lyrically erudite and captivating Heath Cullen pack their own typewriters and announce a co-conspiratorial national road trip of sorts, the TWO WRITER TYPES TOUR.
Macdonald is celebrating his latest solo effort ‘Thorns To Sleep’ with a special limited issue vinyl release while Cullen expands upon his acclaimed band album ‘a storm was coming but i didn’t feel nothing’ which has been receiving rave reviews. 

Chris Altman

with the Wildes

Chris Altmann is touring around Australia playing songs off his stellar debut solo album Que Paso. Spanish for “What Happened”, Que Paso is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the change from the hard rocking style that fans have come to expect from Altmann’s better known group, The Vandas. The sound is influenced by the Texas border town grooves of Doug Sahm and Jerry Jeff Walker, combined with the up tempo country rock beats of Chuck Berry and Levon Helm. Musically light-hearted with lyrics that are at times deep and introspective, it's an album that's designed to make you feel good, and the band's superb musicianship is sure to keep the crowds dancing. He will be joined by fellow Melbourne group, The Wildes for this intimate show.

James Cruikshank

Acclaimed guitarist and keyboardist for the Cruel Sea, James Cruickshank comes to the Singing Gallery with a fantastic new show as part of his national tour and CD launch.

Cruickshank has created an idiosyncratic career as bohemian bard-auteur, a kind of latter-day hillbilly beat poet – the Serge Gainsbourg of the bush.

Flashes of Sam Cooke, David Bowie, Tom Waits and Beefheart reveal in the swinging gait and crooked instrumental passages of a moody serenade through Cruickshank’s yellowed back pages. Tinkering with strings and keys, swamp jazz and electronic propulsion, these meditations on maturing in a Peter Pan era could have been recorded in a time capsule, but the production, resolutely 21st century, lands it safely in a contemporary quarter.

The Dylan Bros

A group of seasoned musicians including Steve 'the voice' Brown, Quentin Eyeres, Leigh Marshall,Karl Ross on drums and Chris Rann on stand up and electric bass. A treat for Fleurieu audiences ,The Dylan Bros Circus came from an idea hatched on the Southern Fleurieu by a group of musicians who inadvertently were ardent Dylan fans. The nucleus of the idea came from Leigh Marshall a singer, songwriter, guitarist who assembled everyone. He was joined by Steve Brown, a fellow singer, guitarist and front man for some of Adelaide’s best bands, known and admired for his soulful,powerful delivery.

Dylan fans will love this show with it's favourite standards and discerning music lovers will enjoy the professional musicianship and interpretation from this group of seasoned performers.

Singing Gallery Sessions

A showcase of talented acoustic artists from around Adelaide.

Peter Clayton can be described as a blend of folk and country with an emphasis on fingerpicking, and influences ranging from Tom Paxton and Bob Dylan to Bruce Springsteen and Van Morrison.



Clancy Retallick is a storyteller who sings from her heart and soul. In her own words "I think of my songs a poetry in sound and motion, pure expression and release."



David Rogers has been performing and writing songs since the '70s and has been successful in national competitions. Influenced by artists such as Neil Young and James Taylor, David gives emotive performances of both original songs and classic covers.



Acoustic duo 22" has a repertoire ranging from folk to pop, with a strong focus on Australian music. Kirsten Ifould's unique voice blends with Tony Becker's stylish guitar to give a unique spin on both old and new favourites, with quality original music thrown into the mix.

Paul Robert Burton
and his Band of Gypsies

Paul Robert Burton is a Multi-tasking, Multi instrumentalist,Singer/Songwriter/Producer & Sound Engineer. Beginning his career some 25 years ago as a session musician, Paul has performed with Elvis Presley’s drummer D J Fontana, James Brown’s drummer Toni Cooke and has an extensive list of musical associations with a veritable “who’s who” of the Australian Music Industry.

Paul performs a highly eclectic repertoire of originals and unusual traditional musical pieces. Blending Blues, Celtic, Gypsy, Middle Eastern, Gospel, Bluegrass, Swing, Jazz, Country and Folk Rock influences together into an evocative musical soundscape. He combines rich vocals, traditional acoustic instruments and modern technology together to perform music as the universal language of unity.

Hayward Williams

"...Williams' is the voice of maturity and restraint, and by voice I mean not only his deep, resonant singing, but his approach, attitude, songwriting- the whole deal." - Martin Jones Rhythms Magazine June 2010
"He's an alt-country guy in the vein of Ryan Adams or Jay Farrar, possessing a knack for melody and an honest recording approach allowing the instruments to breathe; the lyrics room to be heard and absorbed" - Jo Roberts MAG magazine
Hayward's live shows have been described as having "...everything you could hope for... message, melody, and hooks" (Vital Source), and feature his facile guitar and thoughtful, distinctive tenor (imagine the honeyed side of Ryan Adams, Jay Farrar's earthy grit, the playfulness of Sam Cooke). Built on a foundation of folk, blues, and soul, Hayward's songs in performance display the raw inten-sity common to these forms, tempered by his own easy self-possession and wry charm.

Support Act Palmer St Fusion.

River and the Windhorse
An adventure or four ... for the young at heart!

River - a young local Rock Band is whisked to the Ancient land of Shambala where they join forces with The Tibetan Mythical Windhorse... who symbolises the experience of energy. And then... in each of four Adventures in separate hour long sessions they meet the four Tibetan Mythical Beings.
Come and experience each of the four adventures:


Enjoy an evening of Tibetan culture with us!
..., singing , dancing ... Songs from Tibetan Opera as well as popular Tibetan songs and the Hindi ones that Tibetans love. .
Cabartet Style .. so bring your snacks and drinksTogether with friends they’ll present a sharing of their culture and songs with us


Adventures of the HMS Brucie

The Fiddle Chicks

A rollicking tale of two tuff fiddle chicks on a high sea adventure.Two fiesty women take you on a journey through high seas, cross dressing, dangerous love, broken hearts and revenge.
Fiddle with their hearts - if you dare
The multi-award winning Fiddle Chicks invite you on a brand new voyage of tall tales, epic ballads, saucy maids and riery tunes. Miss this Fiddle-fuelled duo at your own peril.