Journey Round Ireland © Dave Clark June 05

Take me on a journey round Ireland
The place where all the songs come from
Take me on a journey round Ireland
Find a pub and sing a song

We landed in the city of Cork
Where they sailed off to America
The Irish Rover turned nine times round
And the poor old dog was drowned
In a shop, on the hill a fiddler played
A tune I knew so well
About leaving the Green Hills and Banks Of The Lee
To escape from pain and poverty

Some say the devil is dead
And is buried in Killarney
More say that he rose again
And joined the British Army
30,000 died
In the summer of 1798
But the spirit still lives on and on
In every tune and song

I wondered the Cork and Kerry mountains
Searching for Whisky in the Jar
I found it in Dingle town
There was music and song in every bar.
The piper played sipping his Guinness
And the fiddle player winked at me
So I picked up my old guitar and sang
My favourite, The Rose Of Tralee

We sang and played into the night
With people from all over the world
When I’d finished my forty second song and Guinness
My head was in a whirl
Tomorrow I leave for home
To the land of The Wild Colonial Boy
I’ll sing forever that Song For Ireland
With fondness, love and joy