Trips and Treks to the Indian Himalayas with David Clark
Let David take you on a spiritual, magical and musical journey to this most wonderful part of the world - Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India and the mountains beyond.

Experience mountain life of the Ghaddi people, the markets, the colour, the sacred cows and the wonderful work and music of Tibetans in exile.

Come trekking to the snowline or birdwatching on the newly declared wetland at the foot of the ranges.

Great music, food and accommodation.

"Climbing up the mountain on a sunny day
Meet lots of people on the way
As you pass by you can hear them say
Tashi Delek or Namaste" © David Clark

Next trip - 2017

Visiting Tibet Refugee Communities in The Indian Himalayas & treking through the Ghaddi Villages in Himachal Pradesh.

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Please contact David if you are interested in coming on the trip.